9j Tyre SizeBest rear tyre size on a 9j rim? 60mm Lowered convertible. ** Save Reply Snake Pliskin Registered Joined Apr 11, 2006 1,328 Posts Discussion Starter · #4 · Jul 4, 2013 Hoggy said:. 5 - 9" rims for 235/45 and 245/45 (that's the 17" sizes). 5j wheels tyre size with no strech?. WHEELS The problem of 'will these wheels fit my car' is really two questions, although the wheel might fit, the tyres may be the wrong size for the car (their . 355 345 335 325 315 305 295 285 275 265 255 245 235 225 215 205 195 185 175 165 155 145 135. E a Goodyear 225 on a 9j alloy could look more stretched an a Pirelli etc. It's important to use recommended wheel widths and tyre size combinations - the wheel width dictates what tyre sizes you can mount. If they have to fit the 9j your only option is the 245mm. Another solution is just to go a taller size within what comes from the factory. JDM Super Rare Item BBS RS01 Tire Width 235 mm Flatness 40%. The first number, 215, is the width of the tire between the widest points of its inner and outer sidewalls. Quote Author Posted February 3, 2011. There are some 235/35/19 available for a good price, and. You may also view a complete tire size chart for your BMW 550i below. What size tires fit 20x9 wheels?. Note that different tyres may have slightly different recommendations too. I don't think i'll have issues with 225/45/17 on the rear. Tyre overall rolling diameter. 9J x 19, 275/35 R19 tyres (rear). To me, the 335 is too wide for the 11" rims. Even the car companies have been forced to produce vehicles from the factory with a much lower profile tire installed. It prevents the tyre from falling inside of the wheel. What tyre size for S13 on 9J 17 ET30. As a guide, KU36s have a manufacturer recommended fitment on 8 - 9. Our tyre size comparison calculator takes the measurements of two tyres and compares the overall diameter, tread width, sidewall, and difference percentage (%). Along with a sleek look and a boost in the feeling of self worth, low profile tires do have a purpose. JDM Super Rare Item BBS RS01 Tire Width 235 mm Flatness 40% Rim Diamet. Calculate Tyre Size including Height, Width, Tyre Sidewall, Circumference for Best Upsize Tyre for your need and requirement. 85 82 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30. To make it easier: Width of tyres is in mm - width of alloy is in inches 9J = 9 . Hi I have removed my loved 20 inch BBS wheels and replaced them with standard alloys to get a better ride quality. Tires with the lowest speed ratings are usually listed as “A” followed by a number– for example, “A1,” “A2, “A3,” and so on. The Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel was only available in Aero Wheel color (metallic dark gray). php?idp;product_id=2) none of the T1Rs in those sizes are 'permitted' on a 9J rim. While the regulations are specific about tread depth, cuts, speed ratings etc, the fitting of a tyre on an unsuitable size wheel rim is not . This is a good tool to compare sizes and rolling radius differences: Visual Tyre Size Calculator | Kouki Tech. Our wheel size calculator is the most comprehensive tire comparison tool suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and Vans. Nominal wheel diameter in inches (15 x 25. So lets say i go with the same size tyres I have at the moment namely: 245/45/16 rears and 205/50/16 fronts (at the moment running Toyos) Can anyone suggest what brand i should go for as I am having difficulty to find a matching front and rear set!!!. is it okay to fit these on OEM Mk4 TT wheels? or if not what is the best size for OEM wheels . seller comments: vehicle overview 1-owner, clean & loaded performance awd from ca ** 21in gloss black sport classis alloy wheels package * color crest center caps * michelin latitude sport 3 tires * red brake calipers ** sport-tuned steel suspension w/pasm active damping ** factory white badging * high-gloss black window trim & roof rails option * sportdesign aero side skirts ** porsche. I would like to get a fresh set fo shoes for the car which has some decent 9J alloys. Space saver spare replaces full-use spare and wheel. If you click on brand, colour, size or even search by your specific vehicle of choice, we can ensure that your wheels will fit their correct PCD pattern and . Our tyre calculator makes this happen for you. 5" wheel is a direct fit (but uses smaller rear wheel than stock). opens a installment calculator layer. **Too many lookers & not enough doers. 225/40/19 with 255/35/19 versus the Factory fit of 225/35/19 with 255/30/19. As reminder, OEM sizes: 245/35/19 front on 9j wheel The optimum tire sizes for the 10"/11" staggered wheels would be 275/30-19 front and . Tires with the lowest speed ratings are usually listed as "A" followed by a number- for example, "A1," "A2, "A3," and so on. 49 mm Rim (Bold = Suggested) :8J, 8½J, 9J, 9½J ; Tire Size. Tyre Size Calculator Charts by Wheel Size 13" 14" 15" 16" 16. The resulting tyre list lacks certain tire sizes, so it should not be considered complete. Stretching a 225 KU36 onto a 9" is possible, but outside of good practice. Rim width Minimum tyre width Ideal tyre width Maximum tyre width. Factory Tire Size, Rear: 255/35/18: Wheel Weight, Front: 27. Brand : BMW Size : 19" 8J ET30 19" 9J ET44 PCD : 5 x 112 Price : $1080/ set of 4 (Customer consignment) (Price after trade in your current set of wheels) (wi Chat to Buy. Plenty of information here on the board. Passenger car rim width regulations approved by ETRTO. Tyre size: Pressed steel wheel (PS) Light-alloy wheel (LA wheel) IS mm: Styling No. So, a 14 inch tyres diamiter from bead to bead is 15 inch. 5 & 9 are the rim width in inches, so 9J is 1/2 an inch wider than 8. PS: LA: 9J x 19 EH2+ cast light alloy wheel: 36 11 6 792 681 36 11 6 792 683 (chrome) 36 11 6 792 682 36 11 6 792 684 (chrome) 317: 7½J x 17 EH2+ cast light alloy wheel: 36 11 6 789 140: 318:. Manufacturers may also insert "Z" into the size description (in the tire code data between aspect ratio and diameter) for these kinds of tires. Here you will find recommended tyre sizes for BMW 1 Series. This BMW fitment guide lists the different BMW wheel sizes that will fit each BMW model along with the tyre size and wheel offset. Managed to find some OEM alloys that were too good to miss out on. Except for wheel fanatics , making heads and tails of wheel markings may seem like a hopeless task. 275/40r19 is a tyre size and 19x9 is a wheel size reading this thread and have just removed some 20's was running 275/20/40 9j et 38 on . 1) What is the maximum tyre size one can put on a standard JK rim, For bigger than a 33" you will need a 9J mag wheel. 05 kg) NOTES: Wheels delivered from the factory with all season performance tires. JDM Super Rare Item BBS RS01 Tire Width 235 mm Flatness 40% Rim Diamet No Tires. Not sure what size wheel or tyre your car requires? Visit TyreFinder. I'm running 205-55-15" on a 9j rim. 1LB/FT on Custom Parsons Performance remap, Forge 007p DV, Red DogBush, Milltek non-res, Lowered 35mm Apex springs, Badger5 TIP/cone filter/heat shield, Powerflex'd, Large FMIC, Relentless Downpipe, Parsons Decat and lots of love. 06 mm Rim (Bold = Suggested) :7½J, 8J, 8½J, 9J ; Tire Size:235/35 ZR19 Load Index:91 Speed Index:W Goove Depth:7. 6 lbs (Without Aero Cover), 23 lbs (With Aero Cover) Lug Nut Spec: 21mm Hex, 14X1. Fortunately, Tyre Leader is here to help you. The calculator is only for the passenger car metric tyres. It's the industry standard now. We also do genuine Llumar & 3M car tint,car alarms &trackers, music systems en entertainment,Car interior and Upholstery all accessories available we are lo Contact with Mr Wayne on Jiji. 2017 BMW 550i GT xDrive; Rim Size Tire Sizes BMW 550i Options; 18-Inch: 245-50-18. On the other thread on titan wheels, in theory, 19x10 +35 with 275/35 "should" fit when lowered for the front. The tire width is the 3-digit number preceding the forward slash ( / ) in the tire code in units. So I have a 35i and wanted to check if this spec is ok to go ahead with and order. can someone recommend some tyre sizes that will have the same slight stretch?. When it comes to safe driving, it is important that your tyre rim fits well with the wheel size on your vehicle. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 13, 2018. the side wall needs to be shorter or itll look weird. Some tires carry "W" or "Y" speed ratings. 2018 2017 2016 2015 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1991 1990 1989 1988. Manufacturers give out a range of widths that each tyre will fit. 5 " rims for both 235/40 and 245/40 (that's 18" sizes) and 7. 18" tyre recommendations for a 9J wheel?. 255 is a weird one since you either go a bit higher than stock with 40 or a bit lower with 35. 296 kg) NOTES: Wheels delivered from the factory with performance tires. size: 9J x 22 ET 43: Number of holes / circle: 5/108:. Tire Size:225/35 ZR19 Load Index:88 Speed Index:W Goove Depth:8 mm Overall Diameter:641 mm Nominal Section Width:9. The second number in your tire size, 75, is the aspect ratio or section height. Buy 19" ORIGINAL BMW G30 RIM 5x112 - RAYS VOLKSRACING SSR TE37 RPF01 WEDSSPORT ENKEI BBS JAPAN ADVAN TOMMI BMW G30 in Singapore,Singapore. So your tire is 215 millimeters wide, or 8. Quote Author Posted February 3, 2011 That was my thought too, except that there doesn't seem to be a 245 made in 15 inch Therefore I guess my only option is to stretch a 225 or 215 on? Quote Posted February 3, 2011 Hobson's choice if your going for that J Quote Join the conversation. 5 (rear) I really want a mean staggered look, but safe and do not rub my car. In respect to this, what is the J in rim size? A J-type flange is of a certain shape and 17. To calculate a metric tyre to height in inches: (#1 x #2 / 2540 x 2) + (#3) Example: 285/75R16 (285 X 75 / 2540 x 2) + 16 = 32. Like, whey a 14 inch tyre (or any tyres really) actually has an inch LARGER diamiter that the tyre size. strong>Check with a MOT test station that the dimensions of the mounted tyres are approved for the use of your vehicle. Buy alloy wheels online from Tiger Wheel & Tyre South Africa: Shop passenger styles Shop 4x4 styles 1. 18" 255/45/18 9j front wheel tyres Thatratman Member VIP Member T6 Pro 25 Jun 2021 #1 Hi all, I've done lots of research but there's little info on what I'm after. Versatile, all-terrain tread pattern provides confident handling on and off-road. Home of the worlds largest collection of tyre stretch and stance photos. Enter your existing wheel and tyre specification in 'Existing Setup' then enter the specification of your potentially new wheels and . When choosing the wheel size, you should also remember to take into account the width of the car tyre at the point of contact with the wheel. The first two digits refer to the inner rim width. For fitment to cars, always work from original tyre size, during rd. need tyre size 19" rear 11J front 9J Thanx! I think the 235/35-19 is your best option for the front. e30-unit-soldier E30 Zone Regular Posts: 551 Joined: Thu Nov 24, 2005 11:00 pm Location: Bristol. Wheel/tyre combinations E84. Need Assistance? Whatsapp @ 061 661 1700 - Call Center Hotline @ 011 661 1700. Technical Databook 2017 · 2018. Indicates the shape of the wheel on the place where the tyre bead sits on the wheel. When going to a larger tyre size or dropping down to a lower tyre size on a set of alloy wheels it is important to make sure your vehicles rolling circumference remains the same or as close to the original rolling circumference as is possible. standard value in operation 2). 225/45 and 215/45 are very close according the the calculator. Factory Tire Size, Front: 225/40/18: Factory Tire Size, Rear: 255/35/18: Wheel Weight, Front: 26. 50 mm Rim (Bold = Suggested) :7½J, 8J, 8½J, 9J ; Tire Size:LT 265/65 R17 Load Index:120/117 Speed Index:Q Goove Depth:13,02 mm Overall Diameter:781 mm Nominal Section Width. General E30 related discussions - Please put technical questions in E30 Tech Help forum below. Widest tyre to fit a rim size. E89 19'' Wheel > Tyre Sizing. Quite common in subsequent ownerships to then fit staggered set up with 9J rims and 275 tyres at the rear but spacers will be required to stop the rubbing. 0" size can also fit but given the limited fender space you must accept some rubbing from tire contact. All-Terrain tire for Light Trucks and SUVs. This basic guide below explains rim sizes when buying alloy wheels for your passenger car, sports car, 4×4 vehicle, bakkie etc. Don't look any further! Visit our website! 01 968 2503 01 968 2503 Phones off. What is the largest size tire can I use especically for the rear tires??? The rims are 18x8 (front) and 18x9. Have you ever wondered how to get that perfect tire stretch but have no clue what wheel/tire setup you should run? Well fear no more!. The first number to appear in your tire size information is the width, in millimeters, of the correct tires for your vehicle: P225/70R16 91S. In certain countries not all approved sizes are indicated by the table shows all approved combinations of wheel rims and tyres. 5 unless you want scene points for "sik stretch". Order Tracking; Customer Support; 888-541-1777; Size; Brand; Tire & Wheel Packages;. July 24, 2021 by Prodrive in BC Forged. is you use R888 or NEOVA you can use 215 without stretch. Of course, the diameter of the tyre and the wheel must stay the same. 5" 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22" 23" 24" 26" 28" 30" Tyre Size Calculator Chart for 13" Wheels 21" Tire Diameter 185/60R13 = 21. 3 18" 2x 9J ET25 2x 10J ET20 Tyres- Michelin Pilot Sport 3 245/40/18 (one has a puncture and some cracking) The 9J wide wheels have had a rim refurb only, the 10J wide. Please refer to our main fitting guide for an explanation of each of these and how they are important. This is expressed in millimeters. TYRES The measurements on tyres are just as confusing as those that specify alloy dimensions. Tyres Recommended for BMW 1 Series » Oponeo. Tyre sizes on 10J and 9J , you're looking at 275/40/19 or 275/35/19 and 245/40/19. Assuming that the correct tyre width is fitted to the correct rim and not 275 wide tyres on a 8J rim. New wheels on, but what's the correct tyre size for 8. Tire Diameter = Wheel Diameter + 2 × Section Height. Yes, they'll take the same size tyre. Aggressive sidewall protectors are strategically located near the tire's shoulders to increase loose-surface bite while they resist cuts and abrasions from rocks and stumps. OEM BMW E46 WHEEL STYLE, SPECS. The typical 275/35/19 doesn't have much stretch at all, so 10-20mm wider should be pretty flush, however think about your arches if you're going wider and are lowered. 3 alloy wheels 9J ET25 10J ET20 dished Skyline Rota wheels 5x114. Rim (Bold = Suggested) :8J, 8½J, 9J, 9½J, Tire Size:LT285/70 R17 Load Index:121/118 Speed Index:Q Goove Depth:13,95 mm Overall Diameter:832 mm Nominal Section Width:11. lloydy wrote: well i have a quick look around on the net for tyres etc, a 245 tyre can only come in the 45 profile wont go any lower, and for the fronts i have found a 225/40/16 and a 215/40/16 these are the sizes im finding myself limited to unless i want to start spendin like £150 per tyre. You will also need a custom lug bolt with 14mm ball seat and 12mm threads. Wheels flange is a bulge on the wheel in the place where the tyre bead lies on the wheel. $149 for 24 months with PayPal Credit. Understanding Mercedes Wheel and Tyre Sizes and Offsets The fitment chart below includes the wheel dimensions in inches, for front and rear wheels, the wheel offsets, and the tyres sizes. ke™ We stock durable genuine alloy sport rims and tyres, all sizes and designs available in both brand new and ex-japan free fittings and delivery. Genuine 19" BMW M Sport 664M G30 5 Series Staggered Alloy Wheels and. The standard 17s are 7J front, 9J rear (although in some places I have read 8J). What is the maximum/advised tyre size for 9J rims??. Which size tyre on 20inch wheel query. Based on the marking above, this wheel has four holes, 100 PCD, 17-inch in size, , 6 inches wide with am offset of 30. RyanH said: ↑ How does a 225 fit a 9J and have a stretch? It's been confusing me for a while now! 225 = width of tyre in mm 9 inches x 25mm = 225mm. Tyre size: Pressed steel wheel (PS) Light-alloy wheel (LA wheel) IS mm: 9J x 19 EH2+ cast light alloy wheel 9J x 19 EH2+ cast light alloy wheel: 36 11 6 792 681. A few questions for those with experience. 05, 8j fronts and 9j rears, looking to get a set of uniroyal rain sport 3's but struggling on tyre size. tyres and rims are full of voodo magic. Let's take a tyre that will fit the alloy shown to the right, a 255/45/18 which is the standard size of an E38 staggered 18" rear. calling people with 9j rims. Owned from new as well as a Nurburg VXR & an XR3, all from new. Select the year of your M3 to narrow down the results. Same on F11, supplied with square wheel set up (four "front" rims) on 18" and 19" rim size. The fastest lap time of the 19" wasn't because the largest wheel size offered more grip, it was due to the way the tyre delivered the . The 9 inch ET44 wheel with 12mm spacer will put a 255 very close to your front strut. 6J x 15 H2 ET43 Quick reminder : 6 :Wheel width in inches (1 inch : 25. Manufacturers may also insert “Z” into the size description (in the tire code data between aspect ratio and diameter) for these kinds of tires. Some tires carry “W” or “Y” speed ratings. The tyre size calculator shows the effect of changing tyres. XFR had the same tyre/wheel size as the XJ - 9j 245/40 20" fronts . JDM GW BBS RGR RG703 RG704 8J / 9J 18 INCH 114. The snow tyres are 245/45s and seem to angle in quite . I thought the wheels were staggered sizes too - but my RFT tyrewalls say 245/40/19 all round !. Another thing to be aware of is the tolerance in tyre size - For Feasibly you can get a 9j ET41 with a 215/35 tyre on the front and a . 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 10. Pay attention to sufficient clearance in the front wheel housing (if necessary, rework the panelling of the wheel housing). 5,0 Inches 155 mm 165 or 175 mm 185 mm. Recently got a set of 16' 3sdm 0. The taller tire will fill the wheel well without running into the width problem. 235s or 245s are what you want really on a 9 or 9. that size is proving VERY difficult to get tyres for, at the moment the only what size is on the front? 18" 9J ET22 275-35-18 tires. 5/112 First number is the number of bolts (in our case 5). Style Number: Style 137: Standard on:. As rallye16vdude mentions 235 went on a 9j with similar stretch to what I . The information related to other tire sizes can . tyres toyo 888 325-30-19 rear 245-35-19 front (You must log in or sign up to post here. 15 Nominal wheel diameter in inches (15 x 25. If you prefer, you can also find your tyre by selecting your car type or usage, or by selecting your car brand. The question is what size is going to fit without handling-destroying stretch?. Our Wheel Size app is now available in App Store! Wheel Fitment for any car, your search history, news about professional tire tests — all in one app. Our handy Tyre Calculator lets you see all the acceptable tyre sizes that exist. According to Toyos site ( http://www. Re: tyre size for 8j and 9j rims. 3 TTA 2012 But after stretching on the 9j wheel its soo hard!. Based on producers, 225/50 (TB5) is maximum for 8J, and 215/55 (TB15) is maximum for 7,5J. The wheel is to be used for a spare tire. Drawing out the rear wheel arches. With an ET of 24 , I think 15mm's would be more suitable. I'm getting new tyres on Monday (AD08Rs) and going for 255/40/17 rear and 245/40/17 front. This is crucial for maintaining safe . 35999円 日産 アルティア GT-R 中期 17インチ 5257419 N1レーシング 17インチ スカイライン 5257419 BNR32 BNR32 9J20 N1レーシング 日産 アルティア 自動車、オートバイ タイヤ、ホイール タイヤ・ホイールセット 9J20 トラスト企画 トラスト企画 GT-R 中期 スカイライン. Seller 95% positive Seller 95% positive Seller 95% positive. The wheel width is usually slightly smaller than the tyre width in order to ensure the tyre fits well. Its time I addressed my MacBook which is reaching temperatures over 90 degrees!-----Socials-----. Tire width always refers to the measurement from one sidewall to another. 9R13 255/40R13 = 21x10R13 22" Tire Diameter 155/80R13 = 22. All WTB rims are named according to their inner rim width (i25 means the inner rim width is 25mm), but that may not be the case with rims made by other companies. Use care as lug bolt length is critical especially in the rear. Quote Posted February 3, 2011 If they have to fit the 9j your only option is the 245mm. Enter your existing wheel and tyre specification in 'Existing Setup' then enter the specification of your potentially new wheels and tyres to see what a difference it will make! This tool is great for working out if your new wheels will give you more or less clearance to your suspension and wheel arches. A very useful tyre calculator when searching for tyres that are a different size than stock. hello everyone, just got 4 new tyres for my 9" wide rotas and have really messed up with my guess of tyre sizes. That being said, slight differences in tyre rim size and width are acceptable. Jut do what other people do ad just use what works (I dont know anything about tyres etc above 15inch). Is there any problem in running a 225 / 30 / R19 tyre on a 9J rim. Space-saver spare tire and wheel replaces full-use spare and wheel. The photo is a tb15 295 on a 11x15". Try a search for "radbolt" or wheel bolts. All rims, regardless of manufacturer, should be marked with their ETRTO designation of XX-XXX. Understand wheel diameter, width, offset, bolt fitment and centre bore before shopping for wheels. Width/wall height/rim size - any letters after is speed rating. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Repainting the rear wheel arches may be necessary. The aspect ratio and tire width are measurements acquired from the tire code. BC FORGED HCS21 MODULAR MATTE BLACK GLOSS BLACK STAINLESS. The last number is obvious, the '18' specifies that the tyre fits on an 18" diameter alloyat least that bit is simple! The first number '255' is also reasonably simple. I can't seem to find many tyres in those sizes tbh do you know of any that would be suitable? most of the 255 tyres are 4x4 tyres with a 70 . tire size load range speed rating tread depth [32nds] section width [in] overall diameter [in] standard rim alternative rim 9j, 10j, 10½j, 11j: 1870: 320 a a. New tyre manufacturers overall diameters may vary slightly from brand to brand. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. The differences between 17 18 and 19 inch tyres. 245 is the recommended minimum with 265 being the recommended max but the RS5 comes with a 9j rim and 275. These are the recommended tyre sizes vs. It's worth remembering when you stretch a tyre you lose wall height when you push the tyre out, so a 195- 50 profile becomes. The question is, what is the correct tyre size for these wheels? I think it should be 205/50/17 front, and 225. Ive done a bit of research into it and i think i should be okay with a set of 225/40 for all round on a 9J rim. com to launch Wheel Size App for iOS. All the information you need is available either in the owner's manual or somewhere within the . STEP 3: SELECT TIRE & RIM COMPATIBILITY. Find amazing local prices on 9j wheels wheel for sale in England Shop hassle-free with Rota 18" 5x114. 4× Car Styling Funny Middle Finger Wheel Tire Valve Caps Car Air Valve Stem Cap. 5 et40 / Michelin PS4S 255/35/19 - The time has come where I need to sell my wheels. I'm limited to tyre choices as it's a t32. 9 is the distance in inches between the tyre mounting points on the wheel (its not the full width of the wheel) and J refers to the profile of . Your spacers should be 82mm x 66. on another model of tyre you need minimum 225 in 9j. wondering what are the correct size tyres that go on this please. Offset Sport Rims 9j Size 17 With Tyres in Langata. 50 Thread Lug Nut Torque Spec: 129lb-ft Tesla Option: No Charge Tire Spec:. Call Us (844-446-7278) 844-4-GM-PARTS. The only other tire that's close in circumference and still fits a 9J wheel is a 275/30-19, but this is so much wider than the OE tire that it's likely to have clearance issues (which of course you need to check for thoroughly whenever fitting non-standard wheels and tires). Wheel and Tyre Fitment facilities open seven days a week. There used to be K-flange wheels (19. How does a 225 fit a 9J and have a stretch? It's been confusing me for a while now! 225 = width of tyre in mm 9 inches x 25mm = 225mm If they're the same, then why is there a stretch? I know there IS a stretch coz I'm runnin 225s on my 9Js, I just don't see how?. Determining the tyre size for your vehicle is simple. Any chance of some pics of the tires when fitted?thinking of getting the same size tires on 9j wheels ,or 275/35/20 tires maybe suited better?. I don't mind a little bit of stretch but was wondering what people would recommend running?. Thus, a tire with the measurement "P225" is for a passenger vehicle and has a nominal width of 225 millimeters. Overall wheel diameter 632 mm Fender Wheelwell Brakes Suspension Rim width 165 mm . Wheel markings consist of a series of numbers and letters. How to measure alloy wheel size – what do all the numbers mean? Wheel rim width; Wheel offset; Wheel pitch circle diameter; Bolt patterns . GENUINE 19" BMW M Sport 664M G30 5 Series Staggered Alloy Wheels and Tyres 5x112 - £650. 5 mm Overall Diameter:647 mm Nominal Section Width:9. I mention that my wheels are 2 size on front 9j and the rear 10 j 63 . 15 Rim Diameter Car & Truck Wheel & Tire Packages 235 Section Width,. Just type in the metric fields and click convert to inches. 7" vs the 215/295/335 which are all around 24" tall. The tire size for your BMW M3 depends upon the year of manufacturer. I'm planning to change my canteras for some lightweight 9x18's all round. See changes to diameter, ground clearance, speedometer and get guidance. Alloy Wheels (230) 230 products. BTW, until recently I ran 275/30 and 245/35's on 10J and 9J (but on 20" rims) with no problems. Tire size chart with popular tire sizes and their detailed specs, dimensions and alternate sizes. Click to expand 255/35/18 is nearer 225/40/18 for rolling radius. ke Try FREE online classified in Langata today!. The 19" option on Audi A6 C6's were 8. The Tesla Model 3 Wheel and Tire Guide. Tire Size Rim Width Range (inches) Section width on rim width* Overall Diameter 14" Diameter Tires P195/50R16 5. Currently indexing 5306 images in over 808 size configurations Upload. So to summarise running 9J on a ET44 with a 22mm spacer, keen to find out what tyre size will eliminate rubbing on turns and bumps (ok in the air but touches when car being driven). that our "Nankang" tyres are permitted for the following rim sizes . Select your tyre size and find the right car tyre for you. The 270 is a taller tire at around 25. a 295/40/18 would have a mean width but the sidewall it doing to be. ORBIT GREY INSERTS AND DIAMOND CUT POLISHED 125290529632. It also solves the problem of deciding what tyre you would like to run if you have inch. Different tyre companies will look different I. 4 mm) 15 : wheel diametre in inches. Hi, could someone tell me definitively what size tyres should be on my (8J x 18 front and 9J x 18 rear) so check that is the case with . Indicates that the construction of the wheel is one-piece. Key features: - Comparison between two tire (tyres) sizes, either can be metric or imperial (US) - List of possible tire equivalents and alternatives. Here are all the tire sizes with a 20" wheel diameter. impala 66 convertible Email Report BLVD66 Forum Newbie Posts: 4 Loc: PHX,AZ Hy-Capacity was founded in 1978 as a remanufacturer of agricultural clutches, water pumps and torque Buy a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro R12 Refrigerant Oil at discount prices. 5j i have 245-35-20 and on my rear 9j wheel i have 275-30-20so you are running a slightly stretched tyre, . I have 4 x new tyres 255/40/17s sat here. Allowing for a tire to stay the same height with a bigger wheel size provides a number of advantages. Googling around, charts reccomend 235+, how ever I can also see many people running these sizes fine. Gdy kupujesz od Super Sprzedawcy, masz pewność doskonałej obsługi klienta i udanych zakupów. The dimensions computed by our calculator use the following equations: Section Height = Aspect Ratio × Tire Width. For example, for wheel rims 6 inches wide with a 15-inch diameter, you could fit products with a tyre size of 195/55 R15 or 205/55 R15, rather than the recommended 185/60 R15. The answer would be: "Rim widths corresponding to the tire size 195/65 R15 are: 5. They are not ideal as they are 9" wide and the car needs to be driveable as a daily. Ensure a minimum clearance of 5 mm between the tire and the spring plate. Goes on a treat, looks nice and tyre doesn't feel like its rolling off the rim when you bang it into a corner in anger like with a 195-50 does. I have read this taller option will fit, but I have no personal experience. Fixing My Filthy Overheating MacBook Pro. Price Beat Guarantee Specials View Cart (0) Toggle navigation. In wheel sizes, what does 9J mean?. PDF Tire Size Rim Width Range Section width Overall Diameter (inches) on. We are incredibly happy to announce that the new Wheel Size app is now available in the Google. Alloys are 8J ET29 & 9J ET40 back. Rim & Tire Size Calculator. which i will use for shows that are 18 inch but 8 and 9j. If running the 15" BBS, the tyre size was 205/55R15. News and core facts We are alive!. Joined Oct 12, 2016 · 1,273 Posts. F87 M2: uses the same stock wheel sizes and offset as the M3/M4 but has much less room for wider wheels and tires. If you are increasing the size Avez, A, 16", 7J or 9J, ET15, 025qe. I use the 335 on 13" wide rims. 6 - 8mm spacers will have to be fitted to the front to clear the struts, maybe the same at the back to even things out.