Drill Stump GrinderA stump grinder can manage the spaces, but a larger piece of equipment like a tractor would be a problem. BEST WITH SPRAYER: BioAdvanced 704645A Brush Killer and Stump. They can be used on most types of trees, from coniferous to deciduous, and the. Bandit Model 2150 XP or Toro STX-38 is an ideal machine for tree services, municipalities, looking for a dependable, self-propelled grinder …. Ideal for sites with narrow access, the SG350 s simple and safe controls help make light work of tough stumps…. We focus on reducing the difficulty of grinding and improve. Make Tree Stumps Look Good: We cut some trees down and had these stumps left so instead of having ugly we decided to make planters with them. Its heavy-duty stabilizer base allows for more efficient grinding performance while reducing stress on the tractor. Although the specific instructions might vary depending on the chemical product, you generally drill large, deep holes into the top of the stump (and sometimes into the side of the stump). Usually, they can only handle rotten stumps or very small diameter ones. Carlisle 01228 584698 Oban 01631 566306 Drilling; Fixing; …. The stump can degrade by itself, which could take a few months. Check out five easy tips for stump grinding. That promise to uphold customer needs continues with the SC60TX – a high horsepower, self-propelled stump …. A stump grinder is is the machine needed for getting a stump out of the way. Stump grinding is an intricate process that excavates the stump of the tree without removing the root. Portable size, big performance. All you have to do is cut or drill the tree open and apply the solution inside the exposed parts of the surfaces using the brush. Stump Grinders Designed to Last. Here are 12 ways for how to remove a tree stump by hand with tools you have around the house. Using a drill with a 1-inch bit eight to twelve inches long, drill deep holes in the top of the stump spaced three to four inches apart in all directions. Tony Curtis, the owner of The Stump Grinder. This DIRECT BELT DRIVE grinder eliminates clutch slippage and demands 100% cutting performance. Cutting capacity above ground 25". Designed for ease of operation, the track stump grinder offers smooth operation and fewer levers than conventional stump grinders, allowing for maximum productivity and little strain on the operator. The cost to remove a tree stump is $2 to $4 per inch of diameter, or around $60 to $300 per stump depending on its size. First cut the 2×4’s to 6 feet and drill a hole in the top of each. You'll need multiple holes on the sides and a large hole down the middle of the stump. As a rule of thumb, when the stump top is near the ground, you pay £10-£20/10cm of stump …. There are myths about drilling holes and other tactics to try to speed up the process, but all that generally does is end up causing the stump …. ‘The whole job can take several hours depending on the size of the stump,’ says Lucas. Dosko Model 200 Stump Grinder …. Clean up after your gardening jobs easily with Flexihire’s reliable wood chippers and stump grinders for hire. All in Construction Mini Excavator Dosko 337-13HC Stump Grinder Manufacturer: Dosko Model Number: 337-13HC …. Step Three: Shovel Dirt Away From the Stump. Stump Grinder: this is used in the grinding method. Tillers : A tiller uses steel tines to tear through clumps and loose earth, mix compost and fertilizers into soil, remove weeds and more. stump grinder, track, 70hp, sc70 vermeer * Prices are subject to change. An angle grinder disc is any disc designed to fit in an angle grinder and rotates at high speed to perform cutting and polishing operations. How to Kill a Tree Stumps in 5 Easy Ways!!. We have a myriad of pragmatic arboreal solutions to provide that include clear felling, crown lifting apart from stump …. Quality-crafted with a dual-bolt design, this stump grinder boasts a locking throttle and disk drum brake for pivot cutting. 3781 Bach-Buxton Road Amelia, OH 45102 513-753-3660. Low maintenance costs, high production, and less clean-up make the STUMPEX excellent for stump grinding contractors in land. Core Drill Accessories 121; Coring Adapters 40; Drill Stands 55; Motors 28; Table Saw 25; Tile Saw 9; Walk-Behind Concrete Saw 89; Wall Saws 6; Wire Saws 16; Engines 0. Stump grinder method: shovel, chainsaw, mattock, rake, digging bar, and stump Chemical removal method: chainsaw, power drill, and axe . Grind, cut, and clean with angle grinders from Bauer, Hercules, and Chicago Electric. In the UK, the average tree stump grinding and removal costs range from about £100 for a small stump to £500 for a large stump. Make them as deep as possible; Fill the holes with cooking oil; Method 2 - Use a stump grinder. Stump Grinder Skid Pro Advantage. Low maintenance costs, high production, and less clean-up make the STUMPEX excellent for stump grinding …. Truck - Items can be transported in a …. Stump Grinders Forestry Equipment Online Auctions. Just wheel it up to you stump, set the brake, and pivot the machine up/down and left/right to grind your stump…. The stump grinder has 4 sets of mounting holes for positioning the chip guard (Fig. Attach the spade bit and the extender to your drill. Grinding the tree stump helps remove the wood by effectively pulverizing the roots and stump…. We are the only rental service provider for tools and equipment in Lansing, MI. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at (352) 375-3053. Drill Parts; Engine Parts; Harvester Parts; Header Parts; Lawn & Garden Tree Stump Grinders & Pullers; Tree Stump Grinders & Pullers. Select Equipment to Proceed Further. Dimensions: 60x30x44 inches (LxWxH) Measurements of packaging: 43x32x32 inches. Digga Terminator Stump Grinder. New stump grinders are stupid expensive, used ones I find are beat all to hell and priced almost as if they are new. This simple, strong, and easy-to-operate stump grinder features two grinder wheel sizes — 24-inch and 26-inch. Rollers; Walk Behind Tamps; Tamp Attachments; View All Compaction; Cranes. 6" Plated Diamond D500 wheel for 1/2" WIDE STUMP TEETH. I use a hand drill with an arbor that holds a green wheel (about 6-8 inches dia. Ryobi Bench Grinder 120W BG-120. 60 Grit 20Pcs Diamond Burr Set - GOXAWEE Rotary Grinding Burrs Drill Bits Set with 1/8-inch Shank, Diamond-Coated Stone Carving Accessories Bit Universal Fitment for Rotary Tools. Available for compact loaders, skid steer loaders, and wheel …. Time(days) 30: To be negotiated: Yellow Jacket Stump Cutter Teeth for Stump …. These videos present selected safety and operational topics in audio visual format. Learn more about our tree stump removal & local tree services. We could offer the Greenteeth Series: · 500-series: for stump grinding machines 16hp and smaller. It's designed to kill the stump so that it gradually rots away, so it's probably not suitable for your situation. The total weight (dry): 220 lbs. They aren’t a root cutter or a chemical, they are a heavy machine which should be operated with care. PTO Stump Grinder Reviews 2022: 3 Best 3. The Rotor S stumper is the ideal tool for a complete and fast removal of stumps and roots, the Rotor S is the most professional, suitable for large-scale production. It’s designed to meet the needs of various users from DIY hirers to professional contractors. > The SG30 is fitted with efficient and hardwearing Greenteeth®. MoleMab 7" Green Grinding Wheel for Sharpening Stump …. Most accomplish tasks by employing a high-speed disk with teeth that grind the stump and roots into small chips. how to remove a tree stump with Epsom salt. Mining Bits, Stump Cutter Teeth, and More. For what it will cost to rent a compressor and hammer you could have it ground to your needs. (26) 26 product ratings - Baumr-AG Stump Grinder …. Stump remover is generally purchased in powdered or liquid form. Weight including packaging: 275lbs. You can soften a tree’s stump and let it rot by using some chemicals. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Holes all over the stump will help the kerosene to soak thoroughly for a good burn. The Robustrack grinder is ideal for the removal of any sized tree stump, attaching effortlessly to any drill. We have tree stump grinder rental in Cardiff available at great rates and with FREE delivery! The stump grinders we have for rent are professional standard machines from top brands like Husqvarna. To get rid of a tree stump using stump removal chemicals, first cut it as close to the ground as possible. Using a drill with a 1-inch bit eight to twelve inches long, drill deep holes in the top of the stump …. Advanced centrifugal clutch system. Call us at 918-252-5755 with any questions about our 20hp 16" Stump Grinder rentals in Tulsa OK and neighboring …. Using an axe or a chainsaw, cut down the stump to the ground. Chainsaws, Woodsplitters, Chippers & Stump Grinders. Stump Grinder Manufacturer: Rayco Model Number: 1625A Request Availability. We typically use a stump grinder, which is a heavy duty instrument weighing around 1,000 pounds, and we grind the stump down into the ground. Features: This is Stump Grinder Carbide Tips For Tree Stump Grinding & Root Removal, Site Clearance, & Forestry Mulching ,the model is BR04.All of our grinder tips are applied in the fields of wood grinding …. Attached to a dipper arm, this stump grinder will make any heavy equipment user happy. Easy to operate which makes stump grinder hire …. Since 1967, Vermeer Southeast has served the Southeast with equipment, parts, service, and solutions for the underground construction market and the tree care industry. Builders Warehouse Strubensvalley. Our nearly 200 team members stand ready to meet each day's challenges and to make a positive impact with each customer. This financing payment is based on a lease transaction. Hydraulic Controlled Auto Sweep. If you are decaying the stump, the stump removal process could take up to a year A drill and a chainsaw; Potassium nitrate; Plastic tarp . Drills Masonry Saws Grinders & Scarifiers Trowels Stump Grinder - 30HP Rent from $175. It costs about $3 per diameter inch in most cases. The drill bit just gets stuck, and instead of drilling a fence post hole through the tree root, it turns the handle instead!It will be ok for small tree roots, but for anything larger than 3 inches thick, I just wouldn't recommend it, which is a shame as petrol augers are otherwise an absolutely amazing piece of machinery to have when digging. 1) Soften It, and Let it Rot With Chemicals. In this situation, a stump grinder is employed to mechanically grind out the stump, leaving fine sawdust as a residue. Walk-behind and self-propelled models are available. Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary, Or Is It Better To G…. Stump Drills -The powerful stump removal tool. Tractor Stump Grinder, Hydraulic Stump Grinder…. Like the larger XLP model, the XP …. Hacksaw: this is mainly for cutting the roots after you dig around and expose them. Our main work horse stump grinder is called the Toro STX 38. A commercial stump grinder, also known as a stump cutter, uses a frontal rotary blade to pass back and forth over the top of a stump until it’s been fully reduced to dust. Photo Description 1/2 Day Day Week Month; STUMP GRINDER, CLUTCH 13HP: $45. We specialize in all things concrete: compactors, mixers, and skids. More power means grinding stumps faster, and time is money. Finished drilling holes in one of the stumps we are trying to remove, make good progress on burning out stump 1 so far, so starting on stump . Excavator; Trencher; About; Contact; Home / Shop / Forestry / Rayco 37 Horsepower Stump Grinder. 5 in 547 mm Cutting Depth - Below Ground 20. loading assistance is available upon request. Its design improves efficiency and speed, reducing time and cost. Katy Tree Service is the top Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Company in Katy, TX. Undercut unsightly or dangerous tree stumps …. Our tool hire selection covers every aspect of any project, including woodworking, decorating, masonry, and more. Mount it to the three-point hitch of any 35-100 hp tractor, and the unit's 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel makes quick work of stumps, grinding them down 12 inches below ground. The simple and safe controls make light workof tough stumps. Contractors can now fit into tighter spaces for more efficient stump grinding; with duals removed the unit is only 35" (89 cm) wide. BEST WITH SPRAYER: BioAdvanced 704645A Brush Killer and Stump …. Tooth bottom permits cutting from side-to-side and vertical directions. The easiest, fastest method of stump removal! The PRO XL Stump Grinder demolishes any sized stump…. 8 tungsten carbide-tipped teeth take 372 “bites” per second. With only one tree stump to remove, it can be faster and way more affordable to do it by hand. It’s expensive, but the DOSKO 200 stump grinder is a miniature but powerful model that can handle tree stump …. Auger Stump Grinder For Tractor / Stump Grinder Drill Attachment / Stump Auger Planer , Find Complete Details about Auger Stump Grinder For Tractor / Stump . Clearing woods and dense shrubbery can be a daunting task, but with the right stump grinder, the job can be made easier. Kubota by Land Pride: Versatility is the name of the game for the new Kubota by Land Pride SSG20 Stump Grinder. Stock of used Vermeer Stump Grinders, as well as traded used Bandit, Toro, Rayco and Stump Humper Stump Grinders, are available at times in our …. Many tree grinding machines look like a chainsaw crossed with a lawnmower for personal machines, or a bulldozer for professional machines. 85% on both new and used Excavator Stump Grinder items. Hollow out the top with a router or drill and use it as a bird feeder. Custom trailers are also available for easy transport. Categories > Stump Grinder; Hire Categories. First of all the tree is still alive. Cheap Tool Parts, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:M10 Angle Grinder Electric Drill Conversion Collet 10mm Chuck Holder Power Drill …. California (609 mi away) On-Site Auction. Drilling holes in the stump and filling with Epsom salt or using commercial stump killer can accelerate stump …. The national average cost of stump grinding ranges from $160-$250, while the average stump removal cost ranges from $200-$300. Bandit Offers Stump Grinding Attachment for Skid Steers The stump gun's design allows it to easily grind stumps of virtually any shape or …. Agriculture Attachments Brush Cutter Buckets Crusher Buckets Earth Drills Forestry Cutting Head Forks Grabs and Grapples Hydraulic Breakers Lifting Equipment Machine Mounted Compactor Machine Mounted Rollers Multiprocessors Patch Planers Quickhitch Rakes Ripper Tooth Rock Saw Rock Wheels Shovels Snow Attachments Stump Grinder …. We offer an economical, regular delivery service for our rotovators and stump grinder hires etc. To successfully rot the tree stump, you need to drill a few holes in the stump and pour the mixture in. Required Hydraulics High Flow XPS High Flow XPS Cutting Wheel Diameter - With Teeth 21. CEI Square Shank | 2-1/2" Stump Grinder Tooth w/Lock Nut. If you grind the tree stump down it will not require you filling in a large hole. Greenteeth, Rayco teeth, Yellow jacket teeth for most major stump grinding machines. With our 30 years of experience in the rental industry, we provide construction equipment rentals for contractors and homeowners alike. You may have removed a small tree from your garden including the base. Hydraulic Stump Grinder means there’s no belts or chains to break. 60-degree range of motion will cover 45" in a single sweep. Traditional stump grinders aren't able to go as deep as this tool, and thus are not as effective for stump removal. With the ability to chip down to 300mm deep, the stumps and roots can be virtually removed and then filled in with top soil. 14 HP Commercial Kohler Gas Powered Stump Grinder with Extra Set of Teeth and Precision Control Brake Eliminate stumps from your yard with the Eliminate stumps from your yard with the safety and efficiency of this Power King stump grinder. Small enough to fit in the back of a car & powerful enough to tackle any tree that most home gardeners would fell. This 13 HP gas walk-behind stump grinder …. Designed specifically for skid steers, these units are available in both standard and high-flow applications, with grinding depths up to 13" below the surface. If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be quite large, but the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape. D130S Gen 2 – Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) D220x300S Horizontal. Drill a series of large holes in the top of the stump the stump will absorb the chemicals through these holes. Parking stand for easy storage. Ideal for skid steer loaders, the Digga stump grinder can be used for land clearing, stump grinding, and the shredding of tree stumps …. Item BM9618 sold on November 30th, 2016. 40″ wide and able to till over six inches deep on one pass. contract terms-equipment must be greased every 2 hours of use,must bring back full of fuel. ; Use a 1-inch spade bit with a spade bit extension to drill evenly spaced holes roughly every 6 to 8 inches around the perimeter of the stump. Start with slow rpm and stand clear as this can be a higher risk and dangerous operation. If you have a particularly large stump and some extra money to use renting power tools (or have access to your own power drill and stump grinder), this is the technique for you. Wheel grinds stump down to 12" below grade with 28 teeth. Application ; Don't dig up your tree stumps, grind them and large roots below ground. Apply Stump Out chemical granules, then fill the holes with water. Most dedicated stump grinders …. You may have several good reasons for wanting to. Red Cedar grinds to a depth of 18 inches which allows for a new tree to be planted in the same spot immediately. Vermeer 352 stump grinder wiring schematics there's a website reliable-store all heavy equipment repair issues servicing, loading, wiring, engine problems everything is covered here its a must try for those who aren't fully equipped with tools or knowledge let me know if u need more help regarding other websites Im a routine buyer. Over the years, Vermeer has produced a number of operations and safety videos for current and former Vermeer machines. Extraordinary compared to other hardware to buy will cost you $1899. Fecon’s Stumpex stump grinder works on skid steers with as little as 20 gallons per minute of hydraulic output. This Stump Grinder is a fixed head type and suits all popular makes of mini diggers & mini loaders. Kubota by Land Pride: A great choice for contractors, landscapers, and forestry departments, the SSG2524 Stump Grinder turns large stumps into small chips. Reverse-S Stump Grinder Wheels 8. (pictured on the right) this dedicated Toro Grinder has a 34 hp fuel injected engine and it offers intelli-sweep hydraulic technology. It is important to drill the side holes slanting downward so the liquid to be poured into the holes won't run out. How to remove small tree stumps. The stump will absorb the chemicals through these holes, so make sure you space them evenly. Two pair of remote hydraulic outlets are required on the tractor to operate the stump grinder. Drill some holes into the sides of the stump near the top of it. Check out our videos to se $10,866. Internet # 309390837Model # 22600Rental Category # 01Rental Subcategory # 027. A stump or root grinder is a machine that grinds away at exposed wood using rotating blades. Stump Grinder and Tilt trailer. #2 stump grinders are high maintenance and the rental places like to charge for tooth wear and anything else that you can think of. Proceed to the Service Desk where a Team Member will assist in checking out the item (s). 3 Great Tools in One! Use the 3 ripper tines to brake hard ground or remove stumps, and shrubs, or attach the tow bar/ball for moving trailers, or attach the boom to haul trees. Wilmington (South): (910) 799-3420; Wilmington (North): (910) 798-9588; CORE DRILL …. Stump Grinder - Extreme Duty This tough grinder has it all: the highest torque in its class, compact size, it cuts in forward and reverse and provides great visibility! Using a extremely durable piston motor and Greenteeth® set up, the Blue Diamond Stump Grinder will eat through the most demanding jobs. Featuring beltless hydrostatic direct-drive and available with up to 44 horsepower, the Model 2550XP sets all-new standards for stump grinder production, reliability, chip containment, and low maintenance. Look no further than the Woods TSG50! The 3-point TSG50 stump grinder takes care of stumps 16 inches above & below the ground, and features 24 carbide …. Tedding has spread across the country as an …. 49 different Excavator Stump Grinder …. Compare "Tool Shop® 5-Amp Corded 4-1/2" Slide Angle Grinder" with other items on the compare list. Pivot the grinding head slowly across the stump by rolling the unlocked wheel forward and back. 90-Degree Angle Mount: With a front mount attachment system, the stump grinder is mounted at a 90-degree angle to the operator for increased visibility to the cutting area. DTW Tools & Machinery Unit 103-104 Bradley Hall Trading Estate Bradley Lane Standish Wigan WN6 0XQ. With the ability to chip down to 300mm deep the stumps and roots can be virtually removed and then filled in with top soil. Portable stump grinders, also known as walk-behind stump grinding machines, are used in a range of industries. This attachment can be used in conjunction with auger extensions and drill for …. Let it sit for a day or two to see the changes. Forestry Mowing , Mulching and Stump Grinding in all areas of …. Removing tree stumps is usually thought of as either an expensive or labor intensive process. The teeth can be rotated in a matter of seconds using a 9/16’’ wrench. The 3-point hitch grinder models utilize a slip clutch. The thick square section of the teeth and large lock nuts provide more surface contact and uniform cutting. Most dedicated stump grinders can go 6 - 10" deep into the ground. DOSKO 200 Series Stump Grinder. Step One: Put On Your Personal Protective Equipment. Steps to Rotting a Tree Stump From A Leading Arborist Begin on a dry day or after a number of dry days if possible. Furthermore, what is the best chemical stump remover? 5 Best Stump Killers. Check out another way to remove a tree stump yourself. Stump Grinder Auction Results at EquipmentFacts. Apr 2021 Business How the Dipperfox Stump Crusher reduces total maintenance costs for power lines. This item is a Power Tek stump grinder …. 3 grinding positions extend teeth life 3X. It is can be towed home behind your vehicle. Verify that one land is still directly above the other, then ease the bit forward until it begins grinding …. If you don’t already own a stump grinder, Drill holes into the stump …. Please email or contact Gina at 319-231-7213 at auction end for payment questions. Search our rental inventory to find the equipment you need or call us at our Tulsa location at 918-252-5755 and one of our knowledgeable employees will be happy to help you. Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder. Turning forest into field, brush into lawn, trees into mulch, and stumps into woodchips. Unused 2021 TOPCAT SSSTG200 Hydraulic (Unused) Skid Steer Stump Grinder …. The patented Toro Dingo TX-style control system has two simple levers that are simple to learn, master and use. Turn a Stump Into a Planter : 7 Steps (with Pictures). About Drill Stump For Rotor Sale. 60 Grit 20Pcs Diamond Burr Set - GOXAWEE Rotary Grinding Burrs Drill Bits Set with 1/8-inch Shank, Diamond-Coated Stone Carving Accessories Bit …. The CAMON SG30 Stump Grinder is a compact machine that will remove unwanted tree stumps …. The unique design pivots over the centre of the wheels allowing the grinding head to sweep easily across the stump …. Dipperfox Stump Grinder 850 Pro. United Rent-All of Gainesville, FL has thousands of pieces of rental equipment. Simply bring the machine to your stump, either by hand on the heavy-duty lugged tires, or by towing it behind your tow vehicle (Premier and Pro models require an optional tow kit for towing capabilities). It is designed to work in urban and rural areas, in the forests, on roads, railways, and powerline construction areas. * Please call us with any questions about our stump grinder mini dosko rentals in the Metro Detroit area and Berkley, Brighton, Canton, Chesterfield, Novi, …. Cutting depth of 10 inches above ground and 6 inches below ground. The Auger Torque Stump Planer is the quick and easy attachment to any Earth Drill for the effective, clean removal of tree stumps of any size. com HOME; STUMP GRINDERS; ABOUT; CONTACT; Menu. They are readily available at tool hire stores for around $100-$200 USD per day, or in the UK prices are a little bit higher at £120 GBP per day. Auger Teeth Rock Bits Bullet Teeth Cutter Bits (P47K22H60) for Rotary Drilling. Try getting a drill with a long spade bit and drilling close-spaced holes all over the top . Supplied with 10″ wide TCT blade. Simply cutting down a tree isn't enough to kill the roots left underground. First, use a shovel to dig away anything near the stump and expose the roots. By applying chemicals to holes drilled into the stump, . Rope: for anchoring the tree to the ground to make sure it falls the right way and does not injure anyone; Grinder: a stump grinder is perfect after a tree is cut down. Then you must wait a few weeks as the mixture penetrates and absorbs into the wood. Do your best to try and connect the lateral holes with the. 1) Left/right traction control (forward, reverse, turn) 2) Sweep, lift/lower and engagement of grinder …. Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, however, it does leave the tree's roots behind. Croix Valley and all of Southeastern …. This attachment can be used in conjunction with auger extensions and drill for more feet. The wheel is directed and controlled by the hydraulic pump cylinders which push it into the stump. Looking for stump grinder hydraulic rentals in Cedar Rapids IA? Browse our extensive online rental catalog or call us now about our stump grinder …. Capable of boring up to 18 inches. Capable of pulverizing stumps up to 11 in. Using chemical applications makes stump removal an easier yet slower Drill holes on the top of the stump with a one-inch spade bit. Auxiliary Hydraulics Operation: Stump grinder operates off the carrier’s auxiliary hydraulics, eliminating an engine to maintain while operating. (Ask about fit on other HF models). This will sharpen any teeth that are 1/2" wide. The simple direct flow hydraulic drive is designed to provide the best torque and RPM to the cutting head as no flow is diverted to a swing cylinder. It can go up to 18 inches deep, so rest assured the entire stump …. Move the guard up (upper holes) when you are grinding close to the ground and down (lower holes) when you are chipping tall stumps. It can be operated with speed and ease, and leaves no large holes left behind to be back-filled. The best methods for removing medium and large tree stumps are by employing one of the following methods or a combination of these methods: Pulling the stump over and out by mechanical force; Burning the stump and major roots; Biological breakdown of the. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Apr 5. Using a stump grinder to remove a tree stump is another quick method of disposal, but it will cost more money than the manual method. DOSKO 337S-13HC MANUAL WHEELED STUMP GRINDER. red maple stump, I rented a Vermeer Model SC252 stump grinder. Makita A-98625 5/8"-11 Small Angle Grinder Adapter. We cover the entire state of Texas. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 15, 2012 Go out an get some copper sulphate, drill a hole down the center of the stump …. Auto Sweep Stump Grinder w/ Trailer. But regardless, you can also drill into the offending root, which from what you describe, sounds like is over 10 inches thick. The Baumalight Stump Blaster range has more teeth, more clearance and more control than comparative stump grinders on the market. mounted stump cutter FPC PTO-driven The stump cutter FPC is a forestry mulcher able to chop stumps, roots, tree trunks both on the surface and in depth. Call Jack and find the stump grinding that suits your needs. (8) United Rentals’ lineup of chipper and stump grinder rental options is made up of rugged and reliable land clearing …. Ideally, these holes should be between 8-12 inches deep depending on the size of the. We know the rental business, so for something special - Hahn has it! We carry a full line of rental equipment for the homeowner or the professional contractor. Purple Wave is selling a used Wood Chipper or Stump Grinder in Kansas. Highway 160 Alamosa, CO M-F 8:00 a. Call us for all your rental needs! 3201 32nd St S, Fargo, ND 58104 1002 25th St S, Fargo, ND 58103 1116 Main Ave, …. Metalworking Die, Cordless, Straight and Braking Grinders. Sandvik Stump Grinder Teeth, UNTINNED. How to Remove Tree Stumps. How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly (DIY). The grinding can be just 1 inch below the soil level or as low as 12. They are both available in 2″ hex and 2-9/16″ round attaching collars. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. The Rotor Stump Grinder is available in 8 different models, using either power-take off or hydraulics and featuring a drill or cylinder attachment. Hire a proper hydraulic, self propelled commercial stump grinder - as used by professionals. 5 cm ( 3 inches) below the top of the stump. Start by purchasing chemical stump remover. (pdx > Anywhere you see this ad I work) pic. Additional charges may apply if the stump is in. Tool # Day Week 4 Weeks; 24-258: $156. Manufacturer: Titan Attachments. Cut off as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw. Machine Requirements For This Stump Planer. Surrey Tree Services is dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible service and can assist you with any stump …. Use a good quality, sharp drill for large stumps. Use a spade bit with an extension and drill 1-inch-diameter holes about 12 inches …. Tractor Stump Grinders make quick work of grinding through even the toughest stumps with ease. Manufacturer: Vermeer Model: SC362 2019 Vermeer SC362 Stump Grinder, 35-HP Vanguard Gasoline Engine, Selectable Two-Speed Ground Drive, AutoSweep, ---Specs, Engine - Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, Horse Power - 35 hp. Compatible with our Bobcat skid steer loaders, this will easily remove the stump for you, giving you more space in your garden to plant something else or cover with turf. 5025 Alexandria Pike Cold Spring, KY 41076 859-781-5191. Some powders require you to mix them with water before application. Skid steer attachments and mini skid steer attachments made in Minnesota and delivered to your door or business. This is the easiest stump removal method; however, it also tends to be the most expensive. The first and the most popular feature with Vermeer grinder teeth is the sharpness of the tip. Move inward by about 3 or 4 inches and drill some more holes. Oversize bearings in the pump handle the shock loads from stump grinding…. The tools you will need for this approach include –. Clamp jig for 1/2" wide teeth and sharpening jig for Green Teeth. Then you need to consider if you can collect the stump grinder …. In some cases, digging out the tree roots may prove difficult. Ultimately, the quickest way to remove your tree stump and return your yard to a flat surface is the method of stump grinding. Used Equipment For Sale Portable Stump Grinder: Key: 050-1933#10 Manufacturer: N/A Model: 2961090 Sale Price: $1,500. Mount it to the three-point hitch of any 35-100 hp tractor, and the unit's 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel makes quick work of stumps, grinding …. Dipperfox Stump Grinder is a brand new stump grinder attachment for excavators. They are generally applied by drilling holes in the stump and pouring a liquid into the holes. Drill 1-inch holes around the perimeter of the stump. Free shipping within 1,000 miles! Our Price: $837. Total weight: 105 kg: Dimensions in mm 190 Bar: Also interesting. 4 Floor Tile Stripper Self Propelled 110v 06/0297 <2. will clean out hole so you can drill …. It features adjustable handlebars for operator comfort and is designed to remove cuttings out to the side away from the machine. Border City Tools offers the following stump grinder wheel replacement parts. When grinding a stump and stump tree removal, you should start by removing any rocks or large stones from around the tree stump area. 2 horsepower engine that can tear through stumps large and small, It’s 8 steel teeth are reinforced with mining-grade magnesium that are strong enough to drill through bedrock and therefore make quick and thorough work of hardwood stumps. 12 x Mining grade carbide-tipped teeth. There are 4 Excavator Stump Grinder for sale in Australia from which to choose. Skid Steer Attachments & Accessory Rentals. Rotary hammer drill cuts through concrete and masonry, while the hammer drill and SDS hammer drill gives added force to enable effective drilling through concrete and wood. Daily Grind Stump Grinding. To apply herbicide to a tree stump, drill a series of 6-inch-deep holes around the edge of the stump using a 1-inch spade bit extension. You get the same results as with a traditional “stump grinder” except to any Earth Drill for the effective, clean removal of tree stumps . Stump grinder or stump cutter machines are power tools used for tree stump removal. A typical stump grinder/cutter incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth. What Happens to the Soil After Stump Grinding. Stump Grinder Teeth for YellowJacket Stump Grinder. The 1P24 PTO stump grinder is designed for small tractors equipped with hydrostatic drive and Category 1 3PH. This dump grinder comes with 8 pcs tungsten tip blades, can cut up to 33cm deep and 56cm high. Categories: Sioux Center, Storm Lake, Spencer, Sioux Falls, Equipment, Lawn / Landscape, Trees & Brush Tags: Grinder, Sioux Center, Sioux Falls, Spencer, Storm Lake, Stump, Stump …. For the ultimate power and agility combo, the SC852 has been designed to deliver peak performance anywhere, no matter how …. The Stumpex low RPM and 33,600 ft. For starters you can hire a tree service professional for the stump removal. Angle Grinder Attachment M14 Adapter 5/8 inch 11 Female to M14 Male 12,000 RPM Rated Wire Wheel Drill …. to your own power drill and stump grinder), this is the technique for you. The Square Shank series stump grinder teeth come standard with a Grade 8 Lock Nut so you can get to work at once. He suggested drilling holes and pouring down a "root rot" product. The Fecon Compact STUMPEX stump grinder mounts to compact utility loaders with as little 10-20 gpm output. Fill the holes with cooking oil. These stump grinders have heavy-duty frames and a bearing-pivot design that provides durability. Want to see these products in action? Drill …. Comfort bow handle adjusts for stumps 12 In. Step 3: Ignite the tree stump and let it burn. A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that cuts a tree stump down, removes it and turns it into a mulch-like substance. Very pleased with both the machine and the level of service I received. Drill holes in the stump, fill them with Stump-Out granules, and then pour hot water over the stump to start the decaying process. Top off holes with ammonium nitrate. Drill Holes in the Stump Drill more holes three to four inches down from the rim at a 45-degree angle to connect with the first holes. With your widest drill available, drill holes in different places into the stump. $ 89 00 4-Hours $ 127 00 Per Day $. The cost to grind a stump ranges from $100 to $350 for the first stump and $30 to $50 per stump after that. Narrow tree stump grinder perfect for when narrow access is an issue. A threaded cone and staggered AR500 cutting blades grind out stump and root material with minimal discharge. STUMP GRINDER 20HP/32 INCH W Rentals Honolulu HI, Where t…. Easy to transport BENCH PRESS DRILL …. Remove any tree stump with minimal effort and noise with the Auger Stump Planer. Wood Grinder Finger Teeth-- Stump & Root Grinder (BR05) US $10-40 / Piece Tub Grinder Tips Mc07, Tub & Horizontal Grinder …. C Canada Tel/Fax: (604) 524-6469 Cellular: (604) 329-1659. Wood Chipper & Stump Grinder Hire in Townsville. Toro SGR-6 Walk-Behind Stump Grinder 32610 SKU# 32610. Wrap a chain several times around the stump and hook it around the jack’s arm. Process stumps up to 28" and 20" deep in one pass in minutes. How To Kill A Tree Stump With Fire. Adjustable swing speeds, multiple tooth configurations and numerous wire harness connections make this the perfect attachment for grinding stumps. 16hp briggs and Stratton motor. They’re heavy – 770kg – so the cutting head sits securely against the stump…. During our time in the industry we have come across many reasons why trees …. The national average cost to grind a stump ranges from $100 to $350 for the first stump and $30 to $50 per stump after that. Vermeer has tracked and wheeled stump grinders for every job. Stump Grinder 27HP Track Drive Self Propelled. We’re also able to put to work our Stumper 220 grinding …. Pour a few gallons of diesel fuel on top. 5 Tile Cutting Saw Electric 11/0155 12 Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill 4kg TE30C 11/0170 15 Rotary Hammer Drill Hilti TE30 / TE25 / TE16 11/0171 12 Milwaukee PLH20 2kg SDS+ Hammer Drill. Using the shovel like a level, push the stump …. Home / Stump Grinders & Wood Processing / Stump Grinders. 15 kg/pc We can offer 1100S, 900S, 700S, 500S stump grinder …. This petrol driven machine can work 22ヤ above ground and continue to work …. A to Z RentAll carries an extensive selection of rental tools, including construction equipment rentals, aerial lift rentals, concrete and masonry rentals. Please telephone our branches to book your equipment and, if you have not hired from us before, please bring with you two pieces of ID. A rental day is up to 8 hours of equipment use within a 24 hour period. Stump Grinder, Honda GX390cc, cyclone air filter, 11" above ground cut, 5" below ground cut, 8 Greenteeth Wearsharp teeth, 14" diameter rotor, 2900 RPM, several features - brake, collapsible handle. A quick call to the Kenneth's hire staff mentioning about the project you've got, the size of stump you need to remove, they're more than happy to help and recommend the right equipment for the job. It features durable carbide teeth mounted to a 1/2" cutting wheel that spins up to 1,100 rpm. This tough grinder has it all: the highest torque in its class, compact size, it cuts in forward and reverse and provides great visibility! Using a extremely durable piston motor and Greenteeth® set up, the Blue Diamond Stump Grinder will eat through the most demanding jobs. carbide high speed 3600 RPM direct drive cutting produces a 3. Its award-winning design makes work more efficient and a lot faster, saving you time and money. Stump grinding uses a chainsaw or motorised machine to cut down the top of the stump and then grind the remainder away. My plan is to drill a (roughly) 2 in diameter hole in from the top and . Questions Prior to Purchase Call 833-860-7137. The 300 mm grinding wheel is fitted with 9 carbide tipped teeth making light work of any stumps …. THE ALLIED BY FARM KING STUMP GRINDER CAN CUT THROUGH EVEN THE HARDEST STUMPS. Perfect for small stumps and areas with tight access; Drill …. 3 cm Cutterwheel Speed 1110 rpm Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension …. From horizontal directional drills and trenchers, to brush chippers and grinders, we have the parts you need for whatever Vermeer equipment is in your fleet. All Tractor PTO Stump Grinder Units are equipped with a substantial number of heavy duty carbide cutting wheel teeth, meaning less cutting for each tooth resulting in longer tooth life and smoother cutting, and ultimately, less wear on your tractor. KingKong-Tools is a supplier of high-quality wear parts headquartered in the Black Forest. The world's first brushless die grinder that delivers corded performance with over 20 minutes of grinding and up to 10x longer motor life. Variable speeds and a trigger switch is available. Refill as necessary and in 24hrs or so your stump is gone. 1 kW) Vanguard engine, a hydraulic ground drive and a belt driven cutter head, the SC362 provides operators with ample power and maneuverability to take out medium-sized stumps …. Vermeer Wisconsin offers Equipment sales, service & parts. Drill a hole from the top down into the center of the stump with your drill at a 30-degree angle. The quickest way to remove the stump is to rent a tree stump grinder. From hand tools, like lawnmowers and power saws, to larger equipment such as excavators and dumper trucks. Request A Price Build and Price. 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ Sedan. Here at Groundwork, we provide an extensive range of machinery and equipment for a variety of industries and specialized projects. Convert your Tractor's Front End Loader to a Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Hitch. Director of Training & Education. Offset cutting head provides excellent visibility. * Please call us with any questions about our chippers & stump grinders in Stillwater, MN, serving the St. 00 Add to Belt (chipper/shredder GTS1500) $ 28. The main difference between tree stump removal and stump grinding is that with removal, whatever is left of the tree …. Change Store Auckland Christchurch Dunedin Hamilton Timaru Due to Covid-19 Drill/Driver Accessories Grinding …. Stump Grinding Machine — Louisville, KY — Ts Trees You can then drill holes in the top of the stump to pour the organic material. Monday - Saturday 7:30am - 5:30pm. · It comes in 8 different models and the has up to 350 horsepower. I would just use white distilled vinegar because it's the cheapest. Heating the stump grinder tooth. Full hydraulic operation - makes grinding …. Mini Stump Grinder Simple to use and robust, it’s ideal for the DIY/home garden market. Weibang INTREPID SG13 H stump grinder. This is to drill holes in the trunk to fill them with the plant killer. The angle grinder disc or wheel spins at anywhere from around 2,800 rpm to 12,000 rpm, depending on the brand and model of the tool and the settings you select. · 700-series: for stump grinding machine s with 18 to 35hp. HAMMER DRILL & BITS; HARDWOOD FLOOR SANDING & INSTALLATION; HEATERS; LASER AND LEVELS; LAWN & GARDEN EQUIPMENT ; LIGHT TOWERS; LOG SPLITTER; MINI SKID LOADER * Please call us with any questions about our stump grinder …. It is a good idea to have a rake handy to move chips from the area to allow wheels to move. Bolt the 2×4’s to the top of the jack so it makes a tripod. The Taurus Drill construction is built from high-grade steel. Dipperfox Stump Grinder 850 PRO is a professional tool for 14-30t excavators. You'll find a great selection of angle grinders, bench grinders, and sanders for your workshop or project. Our Stump Planer is the quick and easy attachment to any Earth Drill for the effective, clean removal of tree stumps of any size. You could also use a stump grinder to remove your tree stump. One easy way is of course to rent a stump grinder …. The SG13 stump grinder features a new cutting system that provides more efficient and precise cutting results due to its light weight and unique tooth design. SG240 Stump Grinder Attachment: , The SG 360 is a larger model for mounting on any common-sized excavator, Amazon: grinding drill bits , 10 Pics Diamond Coated 8mm Cylinder Head Mounted Points Grinding …. engine for sturdy, reliable operation. stump grinder manufacturer/supplier, China stump grinder manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese stump grinder manufacturers, suppliers, …. Check out our Equipment page for an overview. Hydraulic fittings are parts used to connect hoses, pipes, and tubes in hydraulic lines and systems. Landscaping Roundup: 15 attachments for grinding stumps. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Slite P-500-10 Super Mini Pencil 12V Rotary Electric Grinder Agricultural, Forestry & Landscaping Equipment > Skid Steer Attachments > Skid Steer Stump Grinders …. This removal method is effective for small tree stumps and you can do it all by yourself. 9 carbide tipped teeth and wide cutting path easily cuts through stumps quickly. Our stump grinders will ensure tree trimming and removal is quick and …. Tree stumps are removed effortlessly and quietly and clean up time is reduced significantly. RotorStumper S 150 – 250 Hp with drill. Stump Grinding Cheap is a family-owned business (in pertnership with Rich Nichol Stump Grinding) built on trust, love, and hard work, serving the community for the last 10 years. Though it might save money, we can’t recommend looking for a used Dr Stump Grinder …. Shovel: for digging out roots for better application of herbicides. You have to expose the root by digging and judicious use of a high pressure stream …. 40 with Mail-In RebateMore Information. Small Stump Grinder "Out the door" Prices. Spartan Skid Steer Auger Bit Planer Stump Grinding. The stump grinder utilizes a powerful Honda engine GX390 that comes with four strokes, producing 13 HP power output. Ideal for sites with narrow access, the SG350`s simple and safe controls help make light work of tough stumps. By continuing to use this site, closing this banner or clicking 'I Agree' you agree to the use of cookies. Position the mounting tube on the guard between two holes on the grinder (Fig. Add enough water to the holes to moisten the salt. "SERVICE IS OUR MOST POWERFUL …. Lifts & Hoists/High Reach Equipment. [1] Is the stump accessible? A stump grinder is very heavy and is usually on. Did you know before power stump grinding equipment people used to drill holes deep into the center of a stump and fill it Give us a call today at 678-478-4445 and get rid of those large and annoying stumps removed with our professional stump grinding …. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Drill additional holes around the sides so they meet with the other holes to create 45-degree angles. All in Construction Laser Stump Grinder X. Chippers, Shredders + Stump Grinders. The Sawdust - The sawdust that is created from stump grinding can change the soil's nutrient balance. iseekplant, the largest online construction hire marketplace in Australia, offers the best stump grinding services by providing stump grinding in Innisfail. Tree stump grinder hire provides a fast, efficient, and professional way of removing stumps from the ground after a tree has felled. Dumfries 01387 265882 / 01387 266770. Drill holes into the stump with a drill and a large bit. You can rent a stump grinder for 1 day, 2 days, a weekend, a week or more. Undercut unsightly or dangerous tree stumps and roots to below ground level. 100% of skid steers hydraulic output is concentrated on. TREE STUMP REMOVAL w/ A SHOVEL 4 1/2 The COST OF A STUMP GRINDER&MORE. Better Rental’s Stump Grinder Hire is chosen to help you get your job done quickly and efficiently. Check out our round-up of tree stump grinder reviews to see some examples of good residential use models. Do it yourself stump removal? 8 steps to DIY stump removal. Power Tek stump grinder has sold in Camdenton, Missouri for $2860. If you are looking for reliable stump grinding in County Durham, then get in touch with our team. A rental week is up to 40 hours of equipment use within a 7 day period. CRAFTSMAN® Grinders include Corded, and V20* Cordless Angle Grinders, and Brushless Small Angle Grinders…. Dr Stump's Premier grinder has the power to tear through any stump you encounter. The Red Roo SG350 Stump Grinder has a proven design and heavy duty construction that has earned it a fantastic reputation. The SG350 stump grinder has a proven design and heavy duty construction that has earned it a reputation as a favourite of the rental industry. Make a cage around the stump that is 2-3" bigger than the stump all the way around and several inches higher. It goes where tow-behind machines can’t and makes short work of stumps …. I am a third-generation grinder …. Premier Attachments' stump planer auger is designed to safely grind stumps without mess and noise. All in Earth Drilling Auger Turf Equipment. Bobcat of Chattanooga - Website Video chat with this dealer. w/tracks rentals St Helens OR. What are the benefits to swapping to renewable energy equipment? Tag Cloud. Use a drill with a large bit to drill a series of holes in the top of the stump. Vermeer 502 Stump Grinder SN: 1VRN141G2V1000363 This item is being sold at auction, May 5,2022 at …. A stump grinder chews away at the stump wood that's left after a tree has been cut down. Remove stumps in a wide variety of applications with our stump grinder attachments. All you need to get rid of tree stumps through this simple method is a drill with long drill …. Drill the holes a few inches apart. Vermeer High Plains offers the full line of Vermeer products for purchase or lease in 5 convenient locations across Nebraska and South Dakota. Miglani International - Offering Stump Grinder, Electric Power Tools, Professional Power Tools, Industrial Power Tool, Tools, Electrical Tools, …. I think I know the answer here but I wanted to ask Last year, when Hurricane Ike . A good stump grinder will quickly mount on your skid steer with a universal skid steer quick attach, and can even have controls mounted inside the cab of your skid steer to keep you safe while grinding stumps. Stump Grinder Powerhouse True Value Rental. CRAFTSMAN® Grinders include Corded, and V20* Cordless Angle Grinders, and Brushless Small Angle Grinders. I know of no other reasonable way. How to Use a Stump Grinder. The advantage of tree stump grinding is that the stump is ground down to your desired height. Kitchen Grinders Filter alphabetically: Bread Makers Burr Grinders Meat Grinders Nutmeg Grinders Pepper & Salt Grinder Sets Pepper Grinders Salt Grinders Spice Grinders Wet Grinders These are the top products in Grinders that people are sh. The STUMPEX’s low RPM and 33,600 ft. The price can exceed $600 if it takes more time to grind the stump …. Grab a chainsaw and use it to cut the stump …. A stump grinder is used to remove tree stumps Next, you will want to drill large holes into the stump using a power drill. On average around Australia the minimum cost of a stump grinding job falls between 120 and 200. The Hyundai HYSG150-2 is an extremely powerful stump grinder from Hyundai, powered by a 420 cc / 14hp 4 stroke Hyundai engine the HYSG150-2 is capable of removing the toughest and most awkward tree stumps …. rotor s stump grinder for sale in china o-zon. Water Pumps; Trash Pumps; Pump Accessories and Spare Parts; Concrete Cutters. Radial piston motor features higher …. A stump grinder is/was used in every case,no burning ever. 74 Horsepower 4 Cylinder Deutz Diesel, …. This 25 hp model handles the largest of stumps. Rent yours now and slice and dice through tree stumps of any size. stump grinder - mini skid steer * Prices are subject to change. SureFoot stabilizer bar provides secure footing during operation. How To Remove a Stump with a Chainsaw – 6 Steps: 5. Ideally, these holes should be between 8-12 inches deep depending on the size of the stump…. For smaller trees the stumps can be pulled out with a winch. Normally, a more difficult stump, which takes more time to remove, costs considerably more. will clean out hole so you can drill in farther. Drill holes at 1 inch intervals around the circumference of the stump. On average, professional stump grinding costs about $200. 14 HP Stump Grinder with KOHLER C…. Pour the chemical into the openings based on the manufacturer label. It's the easiest DIY tree stump removal method if you have the . Drill: drill with different drill bits can be used on all kinds of stumps. Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal. 1 inch spade bit with spade bit extension. Landscaping Roundup: 15 attachments for grinding stump…. The grinder is easily controlled using the tractor levers. This is a placeholder for the Yext Knolwedge Tags. The stump buster is an efficient, easy and safe way for removing tree stumps. Direct drive motor for maximum cutting wheel speed and grinding …. As with chemical stump removal, you'll want to drill wide and deep holes into the wood, using the biggest drill bit you own. The grinder model being used is a D28499 X, it's a 7-Inch 5. At its price tree, stumps should not be a hindrance to your quest for a smooth landscape. Prop one side of the metal up a couple inches on a brick or two, and direct. Technical Data Model Rotor S Power used 105/250 HP (80/183 Kw) Power take-off 540/1000 rpm. Yellow Jacket Stump Cutter Teeth With Nut For Stump Grinding Yellow Jacket Teeth Stump Grinder Replacement Teeth , Normal package for drilling bucket Port SHANGHAI Lead Time : Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 500 >500: Est. The cost of disposing of the stump and root may cost an additional $25. The best results are achieved when the stump …. Compared to similar stump grinders …. Ideal for skid steer loaders, the Digga stump grinder can be used for land clearing, stump grinding, and the shredding of tree stumps into wood chips . All in Turf Equipment Sod Cutter 27hp Self Propelled Stump Grinder Manufacturer: Rayco Model …. Prices with Tax and Damage Waiver Included. Bear in mind that these prices reflect current sales and may change over time. item name: grinder stump track manufacturer: barreto model: 30sg specs: 26. The Baumalight PTO stump grinders are available in 4 different models. The SC40TX was developed to bring innovation to the 40-to-50-horsepower stump …. Include the stump in your landscaping. Once the whole stump has been ground, you can Stump Drilling. Simply wheel the stump grinder to the stump, engage the single lever wheel lock, and grind the stump with the swivel action gliding left and right over the stump. Using a shovel, loosen the root ball of the stump. Better to buy a 3 pt stump grinder if you have enough tree to justify. 13hp Stump Grinder Manual Transport Manual Swing Carbide Teeth 240 lbs. Drill holes in the top of the stump and around the perimeter. Capable of pulverizing stumps …. Tiller (22445) Trench Filler (22472) TX 1000 Standard Bucket (22340) TX 1000 High Volume Bucket (22342) Universal Swivel Auger (22806) Utility Blade (22414) 4 foot Boss Plow (STB13759B). Easy to use and I saved a small fortune removing the tree stump ourselves. This Eterra Auger Stump Grinder will essentially pay for itself after two stumps. Herc Rentals stump grinders are easy to use, feature a compact design and bring all the power you need to slice and dice your way through tree stumps of any size. Prices fluctuate with size, accessibility and your location. It features rubber tracks that make it more buoyant on soft surfaces. 12" stump planing auger requires an earth auger drive unit that can produce at least 3,000 foot-pounds of torque 16" requ. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Bonide (BND272) Ready to Use Stump-Out Stump Remover. 2 HP DR engine, you'll reduce even the most stubborn stumps down to wood chips in no time.