Tecumseh Compressor Model Number ChartVolt VoltHead T/CCI # N/A SlimLine 1225334. Compressor Type R134 Refrigeration (lbs) Compressor Oil (oz) Cab Serial Number 107806 and Below, 3/8" Double Shaft 4 Wire. Replaces / Supersedes: Charging Calculator R22 CalculatorR22 ChargingCalculator 22-8065-07 22-8065-07!. Free Tecumseh Lawn Mower User Manuals. Tecumseh, Superheat, Subcooling & Temperature Pressure Chart, Waterproof. " found in the upper right corner is the Sanden "Part Number" needed. To view typical Tecumseh ID label locations and a breakdown of model and specification numbers, refer to the images below. ATLAS COPCO - PORTABLE ENERGY DIVISION www. Copeland to tecumseh condensing unit was in reference copeland scroll compressors were found on the blades of commercial and air filters, matsushita rotary compressors. technical data sheet Model: HGA2424ZFZ (HGA2432Z). Volt Head T/CCI # N/A RotaLock 25149. are listed (up to 15) as search candidates when a part no. compressors, the serial label is affixed in the same location. Number : Description : EN : EPH2524F : Easypack (EPH2524F) By opting out, Tecumseh. Write down the model, spec, and date-of-manufacture number once you locate the label. point me in the right direction if you can. Hermetic Compressors - A 2014DS-78 R2 (2/16) Emerson Climate Technologies3 A F E 10 C 3 E - I A A - 201 Compressor Family Series Either a number or a. But indicate nearest capacity models available. Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal HMSK-HMXL. The remaining terminal lets call (C) So for example A-B=7 Ohms. That's a Bill of Material (BOM) number. Snow thrower model numbers are usually on the auger housing, but may be mounted on the gear box assembly. Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal HSK35-OH180. Look along all sides of the air compressor for a patent number, which is often listed near the name of the manufacturer on most older air compressors. Label TVM195 150288G (E) STP318U1G2EA. We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with copeland compressor cross reference chart on Search Engine › Copeland compressor model number chart › bristol to copeland cross reference. Tecumseh VS Series scroll compressor is a specially designed, high efficient compressor for the refrigeration market. It, like your car's engine, requires a particular amount of oil. Identifying Speedaire Compressor Models. I realize now I used the Tecumseh compressor cross-reference application to get that AVA2490ZXT numberwhich is the cross-reference or equivalent for the Captain's compressorwhich is likely an AH, going by the chart. Sauber Popular Mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the modern world. Compressor model number will not change except for AJ4517E, it will become. Select one of the candidates and press the search button. You may be familiar with how your car's air conditioning system operates. How to FIND Your PowerMate Formerly Coleman Model Number >. Embraco Cross Reference - Tecumseh Note: Cross reference comparisons do not imply that all products compared are exact in reference to form, fit and function. Welcome to Tecumseh: Technical Specifications. FURNACE AGE CHART AMANA: Compressor is same :serial # 9709088872 (yr1997 wk 09) Tonnage is model # CK361C The first two numbers after the CK (letters) divided by 12 is tons. AKA5483EXD T6220E HBP 1- 9,068 7,990 AKA5510EXD T6222E HBP 1 10,400 9,600 AKA5512EXD NJ7225F HBP 1 11,520 10,692 AJB5515EXD NJ7231F HBP 1 1/4 14,394 13,360 AJA5517EXD NJ7238E HBP 1 1/2 17,676 16,406 AJC5519EXD NJ7240F HBP 1 1/2 19,366 17,975 AWG5519EXN. Tecumseh in Europe is the only hermetic compressors manufacturers to provide a wide range of compressors in all three primary hermetic compressor technologies: Reciprocating, Scroll & Rotary. Sorry, we have detected unusual traffic from your network. I don't see this particular model readily available on ebay or other online retailers. Machines with three digit model numbers tend to be too large for home use, resulting in very little demand. HTA EVO Semi Hermetic Refrigeration Condensing Units Eg: Model SHT4576ZHR Condensing Unit Series SH: Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Ambient Temperature. BLISSFIELD (Tecumseh) COMPRESSORS Tag located on backside of compressor. Search: Bristol Compressor Model Number Chart. Compressor Units with Receiver (Semi-herm. This booklet is designed to be used as a work bench quick reference guide when servicing Tecumseh engines and motion drive systems. label tvm195 150288g (e) stp318u1g2ea 318 8150 c tecumseh power company this engine meets 1995-1998 calif/us epa ph1 applicable emission regulations. Compressor Family Series Either a number or a letter established for each product model. Tecumseh Air Cooled Condensing Unit. Access The Product Data You Need. rotalock, tube-o along with our corresponding part number, specifications and photo. that's not a Compressor model numberthe model number is right below that number1) model number2) bill of materialSource: Cross reference charts for compressor compatibility. Using model LV195EA-361541B, as an example,. Herrick (1890-1973) and Charles Floyd Sage (1889-1961), manufactures hermetic compressors for refrigeration products and air conditioners. GOVI arktik 2000U and 2000US series compressor information The Compressor Part Position # 52 (GOVI USA Code E. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Codes AE. I think it is for the equipment and not the engine. Read Book Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Guide ultimate guide to our high-tech lifestyle. Discover the advantages of Tecumseh's broad range of energy efficient and reliable reciprocating compressors for household refrigerators and freezers, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration applications including foodservice to walk-in coolers. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model OH358SA, OHSK130 - Overhead Valve Winter Application. Model and Application 9 Compressor Model Number Codes 10 Condensing Unit Model Number Codes 11 Serial Label Information 12 Basic Application Information for Hermetic Compressors 13 Compressor Motor and Component 15 Single-phase Compressor Motor Types 16 PSC Motor Starting 17 Hermetic Compressor Thermal Protectors 19 Compressor Motor Starting. Embraco aspera compressors - world renowned reliability. MOST TECUMSEH CARBURETORS THAT IS PART NUMBER 27110A. View Document: SWITCHES - NORMALLY OPEN VS. *Compressors in this series may be applied with additional refrigerants. com To inquire about a short block, or other parts, please use our Engine Inquiry Form. my reference sheet doesnt list this one. The specification number (marked in blue in photo) on a Tecumseh engine will help you narrow down the additional information needed to find parts. refrigerator compressor overheating causes, Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Chart Compressors rely on a steady and clean wave of electricity to perform at their best, and the choppy electricity for a modified sine wave inverter can cause the compressor to overheat and eventually fail. Tecumseh Relay and Overload Kit Reference August 19, 2010 Relay Kit Part No Overload Kit Part No Compressor Model Old Relay Kit Part No Old Overload Kit Part No AB5513G, H K71-19 AB5515G, H K71-19 AB5517G, H K71-19 AB5519F, G, H K71-19 AEA0418AXA K90-11 AEA1336AXA K90-01 P83541 AEA1338YXA K71-05 K90-03 P83628 AEA1343AXA K71-05 P82654 K90-02 P83480. com Printed matter Nr 1310 3013 85 09/2014 Instruction Manual for AC Compressor XAS 185 KD7 T4. Number –700 and –900 series indicate standard OEM and Wholesaler service B/M and model number. in the middle of them is this tecumseh compressor model number guide that can be your partner. If you don't know how to find your model number, click the link to the right. Refer to the chart on page 268. It draws refrigerant gas from the Evaporator, compresses it into a hot gas and pumps it to the Condenser. 5A , 220 V 50Hz , 3/8 H ,CSIR , Medium/High Back Pressure. We can't ID the Tecumseh motor or carb. It is EASY and FREE Tecumseh Serial Number Decoder indabook. Tecumseh compressor model AG155ET-017. Kulthorn, LG, Maneurop, Manitowoc, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Necchi, Panasonic, Tecumseh, True (TECUMSEH) COMPRESSOR, True 842405 compressor by Tecumseh, Zel, Samsung, Sanyo, Toshiba and more compressors available. HVAC Compressors HVAC Compressors The compressor is the heart of your truck's air conditioning system so it has to be built to last. Those entries that contain lower case are for tools that have been compared to non-Craftsman models made by the same manufacturer, or from indications as to the OEM in the documentation or model number tag. Determine compressor's date of manufacture using the. Ÿ All compressor models are rated at below mentioned rating conditions only R134a R22 R404A R134a R22 R404A. Compressor Model # Capacity (Tons) Shipping Weight (Lbs. York Serial Numbers ID FROM HISTORY TO OCTOBER 2004 X X X X 9 9 9 9 9 9 6 DIGITS SEQUENCED NUMBERS TYPE OF ITEM M=Mfg. Tempstar Gas Furnace Model Numbers. com 2 compressor model nomenclature ae 4 440 y aa 1a aea 4 440 y xa compressor family (first two digits) application first digit is the number of digits in btu/h capacity refrigerant voltage release variant release variant (the third digit) last two digits are the first two digits in rated btu/h capacity ae ag ah aj ak an av aw az rg rk sa sf ta tc tp hg th. The specification number (marked in blue in photo) on a Tecumseh. Application: HMBP Commercial refrigeration. Chapter T > ECHNICAL D > OCUMENTS 1 > The technical and technical-commercial documents of Aspera compressors produced by Embra-co Europe are available in the following types: 1. Model numbers on push Mowers and walk behind mowers are typically on the center of the deck between the brackets that the lower handle mounts to. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Chart ; Jan 20, 2013 · Tecumseh 6 hp. 640084B CARBBURETOR FOR TECUMSEH ENGINES. Search for Text: Enter the model designation or code number- active or discontinued, partial or complete. How to FIND Your Tecumseh Model Number >. General Information Model Numbering System for Tecumseh’s. Search: Tecumseh Compressor Warranty. NSF International protects and improves global human health. PDF TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART. Number –800 indicates a standard replacement Compressor and Component Parts B/M and Model. HIGHLY (Hitachi) Rotary Compressor. preferences, click Confirm Opt Out. To use the chart the service technician must know the evaporating temperature, condensing temperature and voltage applied to the compressor. Is the compressor start capacitor working?. Our commitment to helping you get jobs done is backed by 180 years of experience: a combination of specialization and longevity that makes Campbell Hausfeld the choice you. Replaces HR980 Rotary Tecumseh Compressor 03/01/1984 to 12/31/1988. Step 1: With the App open, access the cross-reference field. SNOWBLOWER MANUAL 347 Pages - By Bible. horse capacity type of input maker power motor tgm69r aka4482yxa 30200k2900 3/4 hp 8,200 btu/h csir 1,190w tecumseh tgm48r tgm45r aka4476yxa 30200a4700 1/2 hp 7,880 btu/h csir 750w tecumseh tgm35r (856 kcal/h) tgm33r aea4448yxa 30200j2100 1/3 hp 4,650 btu/h csir 457w tecumseh tgm22r tgm14r hbl27ye-1. : Manufacturing Location: Date of Manufacture: Time Since Manufacture:. Tecumseh Model Chart and how to read Tecumseh Model Numbers Temperature Pressure Chart at Sea Level for; Tecumseh compressor, AEA4448YXA, AE660-AR-716-A2, 1/3 HP. Our commitment to excellence does not stop with our products! We offer industry-leading product and refrigeration training to increase proficiency in specifying, installing and maintaining Heatcraft Refrigeration Products equipment and systems solutions. FOR THE ROUND ALUMINUM CARBURETORS SITS ON TOP OF BOWL. Based on this fact, Tecumseh offers high value-added products. Our example shows 0, meaning 1950. NOTE: For explanation of compressor families and codes, contact Tecumseh Products Company. AE AG AH AJ AK AN AV AW AZ RG RK SA SF TP A = 1st B = 2nd C = 3rd Etc. 5T ZR16K5-PFV ZR16K4-PFV H2EB153ABC AWJ5517EXN ZR18K5-PFV ZR18K4-PFV H20J193ABC AW5519E H21J173ABC AW5519F H21J17BABC AW5519G H21J193ABC AWA5519EXD H21J19BABC AWB5519EXD AWC5519EXD Single Phase 1. COM2 COMPRESSOR MODEL NOMENCLATURE AE 4 440 Y AA 1A AEA 4 440 Y XA COMPRESSOR FAMILY (FIRST TWO DIGITS) APPLICATION FIRST DIGIT IS THE NUMBER OF DIGITS IN BTU/H CAPACITY REFRIGERANT VOLTAGE RELEASE VARIANT RELEASE VARIANT (THE THIRD DIGIT) LAST TWO DIGITS ARE THE FIRST TWO DIGITS IN RATED BTU/H CAPACITY. Tecumseh Superheat Subcooling & Temperature Pressure Chart. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Codes NOTE: For explanation of compressor families and codes, contact Tecumseh Products Company. The wrong replacement component may not only cause the compressor to not run, but it also could cause damage to the compressor. Cross reference(by part no. About Warranty Tecumseh Compressor. How to find my small engine serial/model number?. Tecumseh Europe designs and manufactures innovative compressors and condensing units specifically for commercial refrigeration applications. Meant to be a stand alone version of their popular model 27 Coke machine but, offering room for 27 additional bottles to be placed in cooled storage. Consider capacity, refrigerant, voltage, wire size, space limitations, etc. Copeland compressors having an “N” in place of the first digit of the “year” code have been sold without warranty or salvage value. When replacing a failed component or accessory for a compressor, it is always best to use the one specified by the manufacturer. AEX models offer an expanded capacity range with a broad evaporating envelope and are optimized for use with R refrigerant. Condensing Units and Replacement compressors facilitating ease of change out on new applications. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Refrigerant management services: refrigerant reclaim, cylinder refurbishing, refrigerant banking, AHRI certified labortory for testing and technical support. 4 linear feet (in 15 boxes), 12. Number –730 indicates a standard OEM service B/M and model number. If you are replacing a compressor or other A/C system component, it is important to replace any compressor oil that has been lost when parts are changed. AG-series, +45F high temp, 33700 btuh, R-12. Go to google patents and run a search on the patent number (if you find it), this will provide you with basic information on the model including the manufacturer and issue date. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model TH098SA, HSK600 – Two Cycle. de mando directo, compresor de aire eléctrico Specification Chart_____Tableau des spécifications_____Cuadro de especificacionesColeman Pow The Model Number can be foun. We are an authorized dealer of HIGHLY (Hitachi) rotary compressor for air conditioning made in China, We supply all kinds of HIGHLY (Hitachi) rotary compressor for air conditioner, range from 0. Copeland Compressors: Markets. Compressor Lets look at another example 3 ounces of oil (grey area) Old New 3 oz. com Service Handbook Note: Some pages in Chapter 6 and the Appendix contain color. If there are five numbers, the engine. Welcome to TECUMSEH: Cross Reference Tool. As your Compressor Warehouse, we are confident that this tool will help you search through the large number of compressors available to you; to zero in on the right selection almost instantaneously! This tool will save you valuable time while ensuring you get the right compressor for your customer. Decode the Compressor's Model Number Before Replacing Parts. All above compressors use Polyolester oil. Reciprocating Compressors TWB1390YKS. MODEL 4 R R 2 - 3000 - T S K - 800 Copeland Model digit1 compressor family series either a number or letter. Using a good multimeter set on ohms, remove the compressor terminal cover with the unit off. Title: Tecumseh Products Company records Creator: Tecumseh Products Company Dates: 1930-2009 Extent: 14. COMPRESSOR MODEL NOMENCLATURE C AJ 4 4 92 Y FZ Stator Definition Compressor Family Digit Number (First Two Digits) Application Cooling Capacity Refrigerant Voltage No letter single-phase low starting torque C single-phase high starting torque T three-phase Corresponding to the two first figures of the cooling capacity expressed in BTU/h. OTC6001 Century Tecumseh Refrigeration Motor (810S050A99) 1/15 hp 1500 RPM 230V Century #OTC6001. com For Discount Tecumseh Engine Parts Call 606-678-9623 or 606-561-4983. PDF CARSON, CA 90746 & Canada Toll Free 800. , so that's significantly short. replacements parts always use the model and spec number for the engine you are working on. Copeland Compressor If you don't find an answer to. Reply to original poster or commenter. Tecumseh Air Compressor User Manuals. Historical pricing for this product is between 742. shooting information previously found on Tecumseh wall charts and in the Technician's Handbooks. Step 4: And on the same screen, it is possible to search for distributors of the model. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model TV085XA, AV520 – Two Cycle Various Applications. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk. No spark on Model engine H magneto. I am currently pursuing a set of gauges and vacuum pump on eBay. VMC placed the "H" letter before the model number to indicate "Multi-Selection", coin operated, upright machines. Can Anyone Out There Tell Me How To Read The Model Number And Seriel Number On Carrier Units. See compressor id tag shown above for explanation. To use this chart, first select the compressor suitable for the application. Number -201 and larger will be assigned for all other variations of a given model. The Model, Type and Code numbers, stamped directly into the engine, are used to identify our engines. Number –500 series indicates international standard compressor B/M and model number. " Or, you can click on the compressor photo on the search page. About Refrigerator Pdf Compressor Chart Size. How do I ID an old Tecumseh?. Like all tools and equipment, CRAFTSMAN products sometimes wear down and need repair or maintenance. The model portfolio universe continues to expand at a rapid pace: The number of model portfo. Each Tecumseh engine has a date-of-manufacture code included with the model number that shows the day and year the engine was built--though for engines made before 2004, you still need to estimate the decade. ENGINE MODEL NUMBER LOCATIONS ENGINE MODEL NUMBER LOCATED UNDER COVER Model Specification (DOM) ENGINE: TVM195 150288G 8150C ENGINE MODEL SPEC NO. These efforts have led to the production of the most advanced scroll compressor design currently available for air-conditioning, heat pump and medium temperature applications. Air Brake Direct a leading UK based supplier of air brakes and air brake systems, parts and connections. org-2022-04-07T00:00:00+00:01 Subject: Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Guide Keywords: tecumseh, compressor, model, number, guide Created Date: 4/7/2022 8:50:19 PM. tecumseh to briggs cross reference. The system will give you a list of compressors available for your project. The cross-reference is offered to use as a tool to help identify potential replacement options based. Large selection of Genuine Manufacturer repair parts for vacuum cleaners, home appliances, power tools, and more online. 5 not avail for us oem market tfd med r-502 7. Copeland compressors enjoy a wide range of applications. PDF 2 MODEL AND APPLICATION INFORMATION. Tecumseh units are identified as HG850-1000, which were used in full-size car A/C systems, or HG500 units that were used in compact car applications. PDF Tecumseh Compressor Handbook. Copeland Compressor Model ZP67KCE TFD 522 Horsepower (HP): 7 Cooling capacity (W): 19900 Weight (kg): 40 Refrigerant: R410A Electrical power: 380-420V/3P/50Hz. Craftsman 7 HP 26" Recoil Start Riding Lawnmower. 600 Horsepower (HP): 10,00 Rated Load Amps (RLA): 19,2 Locked Rotor Amps (LRA): 125,0 Refrigerant: R22 Electrical power: 380-420V/3P/50Hz. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number CodesAE A 4 4 40 Y XA XCCompressorFamilyReleaseVariant(Generation)ApplicationNumber ofDigits inRated BTUCapacityFirst . NUMBER OF FIRST TWO COMPRESSOR RELEASE APPLICATION DIGITS IN DIGITS IN REFRIGERANT VOLTAGE CONDENSING FAMILY VARIANT RATED BTU RATED BTU UNITS (GENERATION) CAPACITY CAPACITY 100 East Patterson Road Tecumseh, MI 49286 800-211-3427 www. Number -200 indicates a STANDARD com-pressor parts B/M and model no. Call our helpful Customer Service Representatives at 1-877-737-2787. • tecumseh hermetic compressor • large hta condenser • factory wired single phase fan motor/s • liquid receiver • copper tails on all rotalock valves • hp/lp control on caj, fh, tfh and tag models • oil sight glass on fh, tfh and tag models • additional fully galvanized and powder coated unit cover available • crankcase heater on fh, …. Tecumseh Compressor: Innovative, reliable and highly efficient products are the cornerstones of Tecumseh. The York/Tecumseh Compressor can be found in many original factory and dealer installed A/C systems in vehicles made from 1958 to the 80's. Select compressors to find the best Danfoss compressor alternative for the existing compressor model in your system. Carrier Model and S/N Breakdown. Tecumseh has been one of the most prominent names in the small engine business for over a hundred years, growing in the 1960’s into the second largest manufacturer of small engines in North America. Bristol Compressor: Bristol Compressors are trusted around the globe to perform even the most extreme conditions. Tecumseh scroll compressors provide you with a choice in today's refrigeration market. Using the Cross-Reference Tool you can enter a legacy model number and find an equivalent new model that meets AWEF minimum efficiency standards in an effort to reduce U. Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal HM85-HM100. L V 195 E A - 361541B (B) 03 188 B C 0010 Year 2003 Day of Year 188th Mfg Facility Assembly Line / Shift Individual Serial #. Assembly guide for cast brackets and Sanden compressors to replace York/Tecumseh compressors. The "Bill of Material" chart explains the current service kit options. Online Product Information. The engine model and serial number should be adequate for most of your needs. Specification Number The numbers following the model number make up the specification number. The Air Filter Cross references are for general reference only. Low Side Item Month B 1972 B 1993 T=Purchased Low Side Item A Jan. EM, NB, NE, T/NT, NJ for R 134a, R 22, R 404A/R 507, R 407C, R 600a and R 290 Compressors Catalog. 6) Refer to Sanden compressor visual section pages for oil capacity. ManualsLib has more than 413 Tecumseh Engine manuals. Tecumseh Carburetor Identification. Tecumseh Other HVAC & Refrigeration for sale. These include Circuit Breakers, Service Valve Kits, Terminal Box Kits, Crankcase Heaters. The model number (marked with red box in photo) on a Tecumseh engine can be found on the engine ID label, typically located under the engine cover. Specified compressor heights are indicative of series dimensions. Compressor tecumseh part of cars, references are tecumseh hermetic refrigeration company compressor dischargecompresor del condensador o al usuario en nuestro sitio web experience. compressor VET ohio tecumseh 9954 57900 65A. Fiat Allis Heavy Equipment Parts New Aftermarket, Used and Rebuilt Fiat Allis Parts. By clicking Accept Cookies, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. comments copeland discus model cross from old to new model numbers 2df 2da3-0750 tfc a/c r-22 2da3-r-89ko 7. Used to check seat contact only. The months are identified as identified in Table 2-1. 582142 : Tecumseh 12 HP Engine : 143. R 600a 220-240V 50Hz (European household compressors) 1 Pages. Do a step-by-step selection that will guide you to the right product. Tecumseh Model Number Lookup - Label/Plate Information. Manufacturer: Tecumseh; Model: AG155ET-017; Serial Number: G0090E076006AG4534A . Failure to do so may result in misapplication requiring immediate or subsequent additional compressor replacement. 8 2 J 1 9 3 B c COMPRESSOR MODEL NUMBER SYSTEM Mounting Feet Dimension (Inches) Electrical Characteristics. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Codes. 0 - Year of manufacture: A single number representing the last digit of the model year. SHOULD ALSO REPLACE THE BOTTOM WASHER SEAL. Search in TECUMSEH catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Craftsman 10 HP 36" 331CC Riding Lawnmower. Basic Troubleshooting and Service Information. Easy to install, Energy saving, efficiency and silence. The full number didn't come up so I ran it with just the main number, AH556RT. Fortunately, you have several options to fix your products. Embraco Product catalogue on www. Copeland Model Number Tecumseh Model Number Tecumseh Item Number Volts (AC)/Cycles (Hz)-Phase Refrigerant Horsepower BTUH High Temperature M2FH 0026 IAA AEA4430YXAXA 2C401-9 M2FH 0026 IAA AEA4430YXAXB 2C402-9 M2FH 0026 IAA AEA4440YXAXB 2C372-9 M2FH 0033 IAA AEA4440YXAXL 2C375-9 M2FH 0050 IAA AKA4460YXAXB 2C241-9 F3AD B201 CFV AWG4520EXNXC 2B3215-9 F3AD B201 CFV. To comply with Pressure Equipment Directive regulations, compressors in the AG family will carry an additional label. The tecumseh is to indicate affiliation with an internet listings for every valve. AG Product Description Nomenclature – Tecumseh Europe. 2011) Ÿ Kulthorn Kirby (Homepage) Ÿ Tecumseh Europe (Homepage) Note Ÿ The compressor models in the chart are not drop-in replacement. Depending on the style of engine shroud used, the engine code numbers. Number –201 and larger will be assigned for all other variations of a given model. Tecumseh Model Numbering System (2004 production and later). This information will be needed to use this book or obtain parts from a local Tecumseh dealer. Tecumseh Model Chart and how to read Tecumseh Model Numbers Temperature Pressure Chart at Sea Level for; R-22, R-134a, R290, R404A, R407A, R407C, R410A, R414B-HOT SHOT, R438A- MO99, R507. Form a clear, concise statement describing the purpose of the compressor. You should understand how well your air conditioning system performs if you don't want to be surprised by a breakdown. Find any Part in 3 Clicks for Every Major Manufacturer. Learn how to decode furnace model numbers. Old Dryer 5 oz needed in new compressor Typically you'll want to change the receiver dryer along with the compressor. When you need a replacement compressor, choose low-maintenance Alliance™ Parts A/C compressors to ensure your cab is always comfortable. Quality Tecumseh Small Engine Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic. Todos os catálogos e folhetos técnicos TECUMSEH. 11684 CAJ4492Y Compressor R. com new The following compressor catalog intends to introduce Tecumseh commercial refrigeration current and. 5 currently available tfd med / high 507 7. Tecumseh compressor model AE4448YS,refrigeration compressor (AVEC Condensateur), R134a , Lra 19. PDF Basic Troubleshooting and Service Information. Copeland Online Product Information. Refrigerant: R22/R410A/R407C/R134a. I would like to know what other models are compatible and would fit. 5T CR18K6-TF5 CR18KQ-TF5 CRA1-0150-TF5. I have most of the supplies I need, i. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model TH098SA, HSK600 - Two Cycle. Refrigerator Compressor Horsepower Chart 9 that a change in the evaporation temperature affects the cooling/condensing capacity more than a change in the. Compressor Replacement Guides and Fast References This document is not to be used as a drop-in replacement guide. TECUMSEH PART 631028 631028A BOWL O-RING. Basic Unit P=Purchased Basic Unit A 1971 A 1992 S=Mfg. org Tecumseh Serial Number Decoder. The compressor is a belt driven engine-mounted pump that serves as the heart of your car's air conditioning system. I'll list it here just in case. Serial Number Reader : Serial No. Touch one lead (of the meter) to one terminal and the other lead (of the meter) to one other terminal and record your reading. 1 > This technical-commercial catalog includes information about all gas refrigerants that are ap- proved by Embraco Europe and organizes all compressors into different series and applications (LBP, MBP, HBP, Air. Cool Air Services - Offering 5 HP Daikin JT-160 Scroll Compressor, Model Number/Name: JT160GABY1L in New Delhi, Delhi. Displaying Magneto parts for the Tecumseh A - Tecumseh Magneto. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model TM049XA, TC300 - Two Cycle Multi Applications. Mounting and tubing connections are likely to differ from original installation. Parts lookup for Tecumseh power equipment is simpler than ever. 5 TVT691, 18-22 670237A Valve Spring Compressor Tool OH120 - 180 (Cast Iron Engine) 670328 Valve Guide Reamer (Exhaust) OVRM40-50 to obtain. Complete compressor refrigerator cooler or vertical position on compressors deliver in refrigeration and refrigerant leaks in a tested by an. R-22 ART82C1 T6220E M/HBP 1- 9,068 7,990 ART97C1 T6222E M/HBP 1 10,400 9,600 Checkpoint Temperature (°F) ASHRAE ARI LBP HBP32 HBP46 LBP MBP HBP. Number -800 indicates a standard replacement Compressor and Component Parts B/M and Model. 9CC with 12 / 24 / 48 V DC variable speed control. number locations engine model number located under cover model specification (dom) engine: tvm195 150288g 8150c engine model spec no. Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Units. Refrigerator Compressor Chart Size Pdf. com The True 842405 compressor by Tecumseh (model number AKA4460YXA) is not just another piece of equipment; it is a vital part of keeping your company's products fresh. Condensing Units Release Variant (Generation) Number of Digits In Rated BTU Capacity First Two Digits of Rated BTU Capacity Application Refrigerant Voltage. Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal HS40-HS50. For example, in this picture you can see that the compressor was manufactured in March 2003. These reference sheets explain what each letter of the nomenclature means. Tecumseh Compressor Model Number Chart. Next, the compatible Embraco models appear. Motor Type Nominal Capacity (BTU/Hr). Many times, the application range of the compressor can be determined, which identifies if the compressor is designed for high-, medium-, or low-temperature application; The Btu capacity is normally included, but, sometimes, instead of the Btu capacity, the model number will state the compressor's motor horsepower or its displacement;. Those entries in UPPER CASE are from a Sears document, "Standard Brand Source Number Reference", dated May 1995. Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal HM70-HM80-. The following chart are results from the list we have created, starting with the cabinet serial number, followed by the cooling system serial number, and finally, the compressor date code (if available) Cab Ser# Cooling sys V-44 Years. The two-pole Tecumseh Model AE hermetic compressors used on these units have been specially designed, each for its particular . energy consumption and increase efficiency of commercial refrigeration products. Tecumseh engine online shopping cart was not work as the minimum quantity of compressor model number of the top most popular engines. The serial number stamped or printed on the compressor nameplate consists of eight or nine characters. Choose Product Type, Compressors, Condensing Units. This is not absolutely necessary, but it will limit the list of possible models. 0 Horsepower Tecumseh Engine - Model TV085XA, AV520 - Two Cycle Various Applications. Engines used in lawn mower applications usually have the model numbers stamped directly into the blower housing, muffler heat shield, or a few inches above the spark plug. The total system oil capacity for many late model passenger car A/C systems is only about 4 ounces (120 ml). You'll find Tecumseh small engines powering lawn mowers, string trimmers, riding mowers, chain saws, snow blowers and other outdoor tools. The last digit in the part number tells you which fitting on the top is the suction line when looking at the compressor from the front shaft. Technician's Note: Tecumseh engines are manufactured to meet EPA and CARB standards. Whether it’s practical DIY home-improvement tips, gadgets and digital technology, information on the newest cars or the. ET 210LET 210L 6gr 5 7/8” VoltVolt Head T/CCI # 12 Tube-O 25182C Listed in ascending order by our part number. Replacement oil filters for Tecumseh 36563 on Amazon. Examples: AE2 model number: AE4440Y-AA1A Model number except AE2: AEA4440YXA COMPRESSOR MODEL NOMENCLATURE The first digit is the Motor Type; the next digit is the Motor Efficiency 1 = Induction Run (RSIR/ CSIR) 2 = Optional Run Cap 3 = Capacitor Start/Run (CSR). If you know the manufacturer, you can select this. Just be sure to enter the full model number of your Tecumseh product in our website's search bar to find the specific replacement part that matches your model. All BITZER catalogs and technical brochures. Tecumseh Reciprocating Compressors for HMBP Commercial Refrigeration. Enter your model number in the search box above or just choose from the list below. Effective with the 2004 Model Year, we have changes to the engine I. Compressor Model Number Codes 10 Condensing Unit Model Number Codes 11 Troubleshooting Chart 34 Installation and Replacement 73 Compressor Tube Connections 74 Refrigerant Line Sizes 76 Example of a Tecumseh Hermetic Compressor 104 Reciprocating Compressor 105. Technical Data Sheet Model:AE1390Y-FZ1A (AE1390Y). page 2 COMPRESSOR SIZING 04/99 CB-207 STEP I - Understand the Application Become familiar with the big picture before getting into the details of the application. com AE COMPRESSOR FAMILY A RELEASE VARIANT (GENERATION) 4 APPLICATION 4 NUMBER OF DIGITS IN RATED BTU CAPACITY 40 FIRST TWO DIGITS IN RATED BTU CAPACITY Y REFRIGERANT XA VOLTAGE XC CONDENSING UNITS AE AG AH AJ AK AV AW AZ HG RG RK TP TH A = 1st B = 2nd C = 3rd ETC. Have first edition copies of intertec saw and engine service manuals and have scanned most of the Homelite info. FFI12HBX1 embraco Refrigeration Compressor, R134a. Get contact details and address | ID: 21062210248. The larger the model number, the larger the machine. Tecumseh Small Engine parts at prices that are hard to get anywhere else. Sears-Tecumseh cross-reference - Yesterday's Tractors. com will not save your personal preferences for a better browsing experience. hermetic compressors in the 1940s and 1950s, over the high efficiency Discus, air conditioning and heating scroll compressors in the 1980s and 1990s, to the new Stream semi-hermetic compressors, the digital scroll compressor and the variable speed scroll with drive technology of today. The model number, spec number, date-of-manufacture and other engine related information will be printed on an I. discus compressor cross reference current model # voltage temp refrig new model # h. Replaces CNT01316, CNT01176 and. Learn how to use the OPI (Online Product Information) to search for a Copeland replacement from a competitor compressor model with model comparison. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609. 3 Compressor Replacement Guides and Fast References This document is not to be used as a drop-in replacement guide. 0 ton, Or TWS748A = 48,000 Btu = 4 ton Age: Through the seventies date of manufacture information is found as a number and a letter in the serial number. Trane Compressor Cross Reference Chart.