Windows 10 Wsl Gui AppsTo get started using Linux GUI app support, you'll need to make sure you're on Windows 10 Insiders preview build 21364 or higher. Linux GUI Apps in WSL This update is available with Windows 10 insider preview build 21364. Creating a Windows Shortcut for Linux GUI Desktop (WSL. I searched WSLg or WSL2 GUI, but using this feature requires Windows 10 21H2 build 21357 or later. exe" Click "Next" Click "Install" Click "Close". How to Run Linux GUI Apps With WSL2 on Windows. Linux GUI applications on WSL include out of the box audio and microphone support. Still, it's free, and—like Linux—it rewards exploration. Running GUI apps under WSL. Next, we need to verify if we're running the latest Debian version. While you will likely find it easier to use File Stacer. Microsoft also nicknamed the new feature as WSLg - as in g for GUI. With new updates to WSL, users will be able to run Linux GUI (graphical user interface) apps without. Windows 10 Preview Release Adds Linux Apps Graphics. Note: For Windows 10 users please refer to our alternative tutorial here. Step 2: install a Graphic user interface, such as mate desktop. First off, press the Windows key and search for " powershell ". “Soon you’ll be able to use your favorite Linux IDE or other GUI application alongside. Windows 11 recently expanded the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) with full GUI and X windows support. While it still unavailable, we can still install a GUI and use RDP (Remote desktop), to access the Linux VM. Running Linux GUI apps in Windows 10 Nautilus. On Windows 10, you can now install Linux GUI apps (almost natively) through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), and these instructions will show you how. Step 4: Open Windows User Account Control. Recently Microsoft announced that the Windows Subsystem for Linux ( WSL) is available via Windows Store as a preview. If you're still fairly new to Linux, too. Microsoft Brings Linux GUI Apps to Windows 10. Step 7: Click on 'Save configuration'. Just run the following command (again from a windows terminal). For existing WSL users, you must update WSL to add support for the WSLg engine using the wsl --update command followed by wsl --shutdown, as shown. Linux apps launch from the Linux environment set-up in WSL, with full access to the WSL file system. I used the latter for QT Creator and video capture/streaming. To connect to the XServer you're running in Windows you need to know the IP for the host computer. While you could previously run Linux GUI apps through Windows using a third-party X-server, installation was effortful and graphic performance was poor. Double check you're running WSL 2, by opening Powershell and typing wsl -l -v, if not, upgrade with wsl --set-version Ubuntu-20. More information about this project can be found here. 04) and connect to it via RDP 2- Installing an X Server ( a Display server like VcXsrv, xming or cygwin's xwin) on Windows 10 and introduce it as a Display server to WSL 2: Running WSL GUI Apps on Windows 10. Aplicativos GUI do Linux no Windows Subsystem para Linux. Right-click on a child process or an individual process. Click on "Eco mode" in the context menu to apply throttling. Next, enter the command wsl --install and press enter. In case to install the WSL (windows subsystem for Linux), you will need administrator permissions on your machine. GPU support is indeed coming to WSL2 and is available currently in Insider builds along with a special release of the Nvidia driver and some Linux support packages. I use Arch Linux on my private computer at home and Windows 10 at work. It's now easier than ever to install Kali Linux on Windows 11 using WSL2. What is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)? Why is Windows Subsystem for Linux important 10:50; We can now run Linux GUI apps in Windows?. Step 3: let's install Ubuntu version 20. # in the directory I installed Cypress and set up the command to launch it. In this post I will demonstrate how to run Linux GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications on Windows Desktop platform. Kali Linux GUI on Windows 10 (WSL 2. Up to this point, Linux running on Windows 10 with WSL only allowed for apps to run in a command line interface, but thanks to this new app, . Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is reconfigured by Microsoft to be deployed by Windows store as an app. Windows 10 ya es capaz de ejecutar aplicaciones GUI de Linux. Guide to install WSL 2 and run GUI apps WSL 2 is a new version of the Windows Subsystem of Linux architecture in Windows 10 increases file system performance and adds full system call. Thus, developers will now be able to run GUI applications built for Linux on the Windows 10 operating system using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Learn more about what scenarios this enables, how to set things up, see some demos, and hear from Nelson, the intern that made it happen! Chapters. Scroll down, right click on the Linux 64-bit (x86) installer and copy its link. It can display the graphical user interface of Linux-based applications and desktop environments that are running on a remote Linux-based computer. Thanks to this built-in Linux kernel, there was decent support for a variety of Linux features and tools. exe command-line tool to help you install WSL faster. Install Algorand Studio Dependencies (Docker, Algorand node, and PyTeal. Windows 10 preview builds can now run Linux apps directly on the to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with GUI support and . Launch Linux apps from the Windows Start menu; Pin Linux apps to the Windows task bar; Use alt-tab to switch between Linux and Windows apps; Cut + Paste across Windows and Linux apps; You can now integrate both Windows and Linux applications into your workflow for a seamless desktop experience. Windows will ensure nothing goes wrong and the file’s permissions are updated properly. Microsoft sigue mejorando la integración de Linux en Windows 10 y la última versión previa del sistema para Windows 10 21H2 (build. xession-errors" which mentions But the question is why you need to do that if you can run Linux GUI apps side by side. Microsoft officials made the announcement on Day 1 of its virtual Build 2021 developers conference. PowerShell wsl --shutdown Note. How to install Linux GUI apps with WSL 2 on Windows 10. WSL is available on Windows 10 as well, but . AIDEGen aims to automate the project setup process for developers to work on Java or . exe is a Windows tool that allows you to install a Linux distribution as an app from the Windows store. You are asking about two different command-lines, and while the failures in running them via the wsl command have the same root-cause, . WSLg can launch Linux GUI apps by utilizing the Wayland server to display the apps in Windows 10. When the Windows Subsystem for Linux debuted in Windows 10 in 2016 Microsoft opened the door to more visually friendly GUI apps and even . WSL 2 is an important component of Windows 10, helping Microsoft bring developers back to Windows PCs. Microsoft today announced a major update for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). If you haven't used WSL before, Ubuntu is a good, well-supported distribution, and has added several WSL-specific features to its Windows Store release. To be more precise, you're able to display graphical programs running in WSL on a Windows 10 desktop by using an X server that runs on Windows 10. WSL now supports connecting USB devices on Windows 11 thanks to contributions to a 3rd party open-source project. Moreover, the users with Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909 cannot use the WSL install method. You need to set up your xrdp server in step five. Once it’s update updating, you need to restart WSL or simply run. Looks like Microsoft is now in the Linux game. WSL 2 is an important component of Windows 10, helping. The first announcement is that support for GUI apps when using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is rolling out as of this week. Version 1 didn't even use a full Linux kernel, so a lot of applications still didn't work. install say a graphical editor e. Microsoft has promised that we will soon be able to use GUI Linux applications on Windows 10 through its WSL. Depends on the distro you have installed you can try apps like. All Windows commands should be typed in a PowerShell session with administrative privileges unless otherwise specified (right-click in the PowerShell icon and choose "Run as. Compiled a test app in both latest WSL terminal and on Windows using latest VS dev build. But: How to share the display from a windows host?. I tried to run Kgeography in WSL2 in Windows 10 21H2 build 19044. In this episode, Craig Loewen will explain what . WSL2 continues to be one of my top features I want to explore and learn more about in the entire Windows 10 offering. xcb: could not connect to display. If Ubuntu is running on version 1 run the following code to set the version to 2. Windows 10 has supported various Linux features and functionality with its subsystem for Linux for a couple of years but missing from the toolset was the ability to use apps that required a GUI. bat to run our favorite Linux GUI application. We'll go deeper into that topic later. Free tabbed windows explorer programs with a great interface can prove the best replacement that helps in managing files and folders like a pro. ) by Click on Install button next to each dependency as shown on the above image. @ echo off REM ### Start X410 in Windowed Apps Mode. $ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y. As announced earlier this year Microsoft will release full linux kernel in windows 10 with version 2 of WSL later this month. Integrating Linux GUI applications . Here is how to enable Eco mode for any process: Open Task Manager. In order to run Linux GUI applications using WSL, you must: Install a X server for Windows; Configure bash to tell GUIs to use the local X . WSLg; Disabling WSLg (or using it together with X410) Windowed Apps Mode. The second step is to update Kali Linux. Using WSL 2 to run Linux GUI applications in Windows 10. Windows 11 expanded the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) with full GUI and X windows support. Microsoft has revealed a new version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - in the form of an app you acquire from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft introduces support for Linux GUI apps on Windows 10. Running WSL2 Linux GUI apps like. Universal software that can run on Windows 10 devices, including PCs, tablets, phone, or the Xbox One is referred to as Windows apps. Better yet it's easy to install on both Windows and WSL and might be the missing link in your workflow. To use WSL with graphical programs, an X server will need to be installed on the Windows 10 system and the DISPLAY variable will need to be set in Bash. It uses much fewer resources than a fully. VcXsrv Windows X Server (free); X410 App available on Microsoft Store (paid app); Kali App available on Microsoft Store (free). Fedora Remix for WSL is a dedicated release of the open-source operating system. Nowadays VS Code is integrated with WSL and Windows 10, so you can connect VS Code from Windows to WSL without a X Server and use all of its functions normally. To install and use WSL from the Store, users need to be running Windows 11 build 22000 or higher. Install A desktop Linux distro on the VMWare or. Choose the Network (we will select Testnet) Click on "Algorand Versions" button to select and install the version you want. Install WSL for the first time with GUI app support If you want to install WSL for the first time in Windows 10 Build 21364 or higher, then you just need to install WSL using the command line. Linux GUI apps can be installed using the sudo apt-get install command inside the WSL distro. Nautilus is the official file manager for the Gnome Desktop. Many folks have installed X servers and X410 on their Windows 10 machines and hacked together very nice X Server set ups with WSL over the . Open the VcXsrv program in Windows (called XLaunch). Change flag of distribution from the original WSL version to. Mit dem Preview Build 21364 von Windows 10 stellte Microsoft die kommen der Download und die Installation von Unterstützung der GUI-App. This guide aims to demonstrate how to run Linux GUI applications on. After this, you'll find an app called Ubuntu (or any other distro) in your start menu:. And the software giant will steer WSL users to this new version in future. Windows has recently added support for GUI applications on the Windows Subsystem for Linux 1. Multiple distributions are available via the Microsoft Store (or load your own) Mostly focused on command-line interface with limited support for GUI/Desktop apps via external X11 server. Build 21364 includes the ability to run GUI Linux apps through WSL, improvements to Task Manager, and more. Ubuntu DE includes Firefox and when you launch it from an. Version Microsoft Windows [Version 10. A preview of the functionality has been available since last month and is designed to allow developers to run their favourite Linux tools, utilities, and apps directly in Windows 10. You can now use GUI app support on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) so that all the tools and workflows of Linux run on your developer machine. Installing Kali Linux GUI on WSL using Windows 10 and server (WSL)Step 1: Click "Setup Kali Linux". Go read about WSLg and check it out for yourself!. If you want to experience more immersive and comprehensive. In this post we see how to run GUI Linux Apps using XServer on Windows Desktop. WSL 2 is only available in Windows 10, Version 2004, Build 19041 or higher. The WSL GUI Tool allows you to manage WSL features with GUI & offers these functions: Start & Stop a distribution. 04 in the terminal to download and install it. If you want to use your Linux GUI apps individually side by side with normal Windows apps, choose the Windowed Apps mode. Windows 10's Windows System for Linux (WSL) will soon let developers run Linux GUI apps, while Linux guests on Windows will soon gain access to GPU power for hardware acceleration. Now, click on "Run as administrator" on the right pane. On April 21, Microsoft announced that Linux GUI applications can now run on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Developers previously had access to a Linux kernel and a terminal app with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), but the emphasis was on command-line tools. Instead, WSL is intended for running command-line programs that developers might need. These are the available distributions as of now: Ubuntu. Now, you'll need to set the "DISPLAY" environment variable to point at the X server running on your Windows 10 PC. Here's a fun diagram of how it works, courtesy of. Step 1: Open CMD (Command Prompt) using administrator privileges. // MENU // 0:00 ️ Introduction 1:27 ️ WSL installation 3:42 ️ Ubuntu installation 4:17 ️ Install Kali Linux 5:35 ️ Install Kali Linux GUI using Win-Kex 7:15 ️ Start WSL2 Kali Linux GUI // COMMANDS // In Windows Powershell: wsl -install In Kali WSL: sudo apt update sudo apt install -y kali-win-kex kex. Berikut adalah panduan rinci tentang instalasi . Next Next post: Updating FloatingGlucose to. Pin Linux applications to the taskbar. So, here is a more GUI-based method to use WSL on a Windows PC. If you already have WSL2 installed all you need to do is. Microsoft has released this week's build of Windows 10 to Insiders in the Dev channel. Cannot run GUI app on WSL 2. I've attempted to do an updated comparison of various GUI application methods under WSL in this Ask Ubuntu answer. In this mode, X410 activates its own window manager for Linux GUI apps that enables you to position and resize the apps along with Windows apps. And right now this feature primarily for developers to test a) Linux IDE-based applications b) Build (!) and test Linux applications from the Windows environment. Win-KeX, or Windows plus Kali Desktop eXperience, is a graphical environment developed to run on top of WSL, specifically in version 2 of the Windows subsystem for Linux. While you don't mention which Windows version you are using, it would appear from the second error that you are probably running Windows 10. I was among the first to demonstrate that you could run Linux desktop apps on top of the then newly introduced Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). To get started using Linux GUI app support, you’ll need to make sure you’re on Windows 10 Insiders preview build 21364 or higher. The best part of all this is that you just install Linux GUI apps in your distro with apt install like you would already, and they'll show up automatically in the Windows Start Menu! Even better, if you have a nice GPU, you can run WSLg on a system with virtual GPU (vGPU) enabled for WSL so you can benefit from. Join this webinar to better understand WSL2, . I'm comparing: Windows 11 with WSLg. 59 GHz) and I'm using Ubuntu 20. You just need to set X410 in Windowed Apps mode. When using WSL2 with support for GUI apps, the integration automatically starts a "companion system distro," which includes a Wayland, X server, pulse audio server, and all the required components to make the experience possible. You can now run Linux apps that use a graphic user interface (or GUI) on Windows using WSL. What Microsoft is doing with WSL is. Version 2 made a lot of improvements, but something was still. This will restart the WSL service. The GUI Linux app support, currently at the "first preview" stage, is a major enhancement to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) component in Windows 10, which previously just supported running. Stacer is an open-source system optimizer and application monitor/task manager for Linux. Once we have WSL 2 installed, we can boot it up (I also installed neofetch). Besides testing Linux apps on Windows 10, it is also a great option to bring some of Linux best apps, e. Install a complete Ubuntu terminal environment in minutes on Windows with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Wayland communicates with a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP. In this guide, I will show you how to;. Windows 10 Build 21364 gains support for Linux GUI applications on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Select Start, type PowerShell, right-click Windows PowerShell, and then select Run as administrator. WSL2-Linux-Kernel - The source for the Linux kernel used in Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. Turning WSL into an app may sound a little weird, given that the point of the software was to put Linux right in the. You can now run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 via WSL. Microsoft introduced Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) a while back, which brought support for running Linux apps straight from your Windows installation. If you're already running WSL 2 you can. GUI app support has arrived for the Windows Subsystem for. A good start is to download WSL and install the XRDP. Make sure that xrdp service is running: Run the Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC) and type the WSL IP address to connect to xfce4: Done! Now you can access your favorite Linux IDE on WSL. It required significant configuration and involved. WSLg will let you run other IDEs such as gedit, JetBrains based editors, gvim, etc. If you try to start GNOME now, you'll get a lot of errors. Indeed! I did have an update missing! Once any missing updates are installed you must restart WSL before the changes will take effect. Running Graphical Apps To run graphical apps, you can call them from the command line as you would on any other Linux system. this to go into the main release of Windows 10 I'd hazard a . Type the following command to get the WSL IP address: ip a. We prepared that post to share the same steps as many as possible for both Desktop and Windowed Apps modes in X410. Microsoft has added support for Linux GUI apps in WSL, making it possible to run Linux editors, tools, utilities, and apps on Windows 10. Windows 10 now lets you run Linux GUI apps (X11 and Wayland) without using a virtual machine after Microsoft added GUI support to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). GUI Linux apps can be launched from the command line (as you'd expect) but they can also be opened using a regular Start Menu shortcut. Open the browser of your Windows 10 system and go to the official Anaconda website to download it, here is the link for the same. install (on Windows) , start it (it's called Xlaunch on your Windows desktop) and then start the Ubuntu subsystem. install XFCE on Kali WSL Linux using Step 3. GPU drivers specifically for WSL functionality. In Powershell you can run route. You can find out which other distros are available via. From this point onwards, I’ll be using Windows Terminal for ease of use. Previous Previous post: How to run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 with WSL and WSLg. Windows 10 Is Getting Graphical Linux Apps With GPU Support. Members of the Windows Insider program running build 21364 or later can enable support for Linux GUI apps by either installing WSL with the "wsl -install" command (without quotes), or if it. That resolved my issue :) thanks a lot buddy! Solved my issue!!. How to Access Your Linux (WSL) Files in Windows 10. A new installation method, with defaults to WSL 2. Step 8: Run the Windows 10 Bash terminal. Learn more about what scenarios this enables, how to set things up, see some demos, and hear from Nelson, the intern that made it happen!. Start the Windows Subsystem for Linux program. WSL 2: Run Graphical Linux Desktop Applications from Windows. In WSL1, Linux uses the same IP addresses than the Windows host, then, you can access the applications using localhost or 127. Turn on the checkmark next to Windows Hypervisor Platform, then restart your system to complete the install process. Install support for Linux GUI apps Prerequisites. Close your terminal and open up a new one in the location you want to open the GUI app. 6 Operating Systems and Desktop GUIs For Windows Subsystem. It is to make the use of WSL to feel as native as possible on Windows, which means that you can: Launch Linux apps from the start menu. Bonus Tip: Run GUI Apps On Windows Subsystem for Linux. Once installed, you need to open it, let it run, and then close it. New features include that WSLg (the GUI that supports running Linux applications) is now bundled. Windows 10 was able to run Linux GUI applications using WSL. Shell/Bash answers related to “windows ubuntu wsl gui apps”. Microsoft is allowing Windows 10 testers to try out Linux GUI apps. When the Linux terminal is available let's install gvim. This update adds support for hardware acceleration, enabling Linux GUI apps to run directly on Windows. Comparing WSL 2 and Windows 10 performance when using Maven and Intellij Idea. How to Install WSL on Windows 10?. It's possible, however, to run graphical Linux desktop programs on Windows by using WSL. At last year's Build conference, Microsoft promised to add support for Linux GUI apps to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Default Windows File Explorer doesn’t have a tabbed interface. Userwell Review - A Product Management Feedback Platform for B2B Businesses;. Run GUI programs on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). How to create a Linux GUI app short cut for WSL2 on Windows10?. Open the Start Menu and search Turn Windows features on or off. New Windows 10 test build adds first preview of Linux GUI apps on WSL. O WSL 2 permite que os aplicativos de GUI do Linux se sintam nativos e naturais para usar em Windows. Next, we need to verify if we’re running the latest Debian version. Linux GUI apps on WSL will include out-of-the-box audio and mic support. Now that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) can easily use GUI apps in Windows 11, you might be looking to branch out a little from the command line. Well, at the Build 2021 conference today, the Redmond giant has finally realized this dream. X410 has two seamless integration modes; Windowed Apps and Desktop. Subsistema Windows para Linux · Microsoft & Linux (endereçando ao elefante na sala…) · Benefícios e casos de uso · Guia de instalação do WSL . Download, launch and install a distribution of Linux. RELATED: Everything New in Windows 10's May 2019 Update, Available Now. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (SLES) Kali Linux. In case you don't already know about that feature: WSL is a compatibility layer which allows running 64 bit Linux binary executables (in ELF format) natively on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 in a console window. From this point onwards, I'll be using Windows Terminal for ease of use. Installation of Kali Linux GUI on Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux (WSL)Step 1: Download and install Kali Linux. Chandler-Kluser commented on Dec 13, 2021. The author of that article seems to be conflating GPU support somehow with GUI apps. 1) introduced support for Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI Apps (WSLg). With Pengwin, this support comes already built-in. Linux GUI apps coming to Windows 10. Microsoft also announced that WSL now includes support for applications that can leverage users' GPUs on Windows. 1415, Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2. Check your Windows version by selecting the Windows logo key + R, type winver, select OK. This was designed mainly for developers to run linux IDEs in windows. The ability to run GUI apps on Windows Subsystem for Linux was introduced with WSL 2 release in May 2020. This isn't too bad, because WSL has access to run applications from Windows that can tell it where it is. The executable for GNU Octave is octave and you may need to add a --gui switch in order to start it in graphical user interface. Finally, a side note that when and if you can upgrade to Windows 11, it will automatically create Windows Start Menu entries for any Linux GUI app you install that creates a. Modify files with Windows tools (Notepad even supports Unix line endings!), create new files in the Linux folders, delete files, or do anything else you like. Install WSL on Windows 10; Downloading Ubuntu 20. If you find it difficult to enable WSL, soon you will be able to install it by running a single command in. Windows 10 now lets you run Linux GUI apps (X11 and Wayland) without using a virtual machine after Microsoft added GUI support to the . Since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update from 2017, the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a fully supported Windows feature. Although you have been able to run Linux apps on Windows 10 via WSL for a long time, the system was limited to command-line tools and applications. WSL 2 distro support is now available in Windows 10 version 1903 and 1909 An update on running Linux GUI apps in WSL WSL -install with distro support is coming soon to Insiders. Press the START button and type 'wsl'. Microsoft Windows can now run Linux desktop apps natively. So there are various tutorials on how to share an X11-Session from a linux host with a linux container. Windows allows you to work with seamless integrations with any workflow with GUI apps, Linux and GPU-accelerated ML training. Graphical Linux apps are coming to Windows Subsystem for Linux. Initial Preview of GUI app support for WSL Nicknamed 'WSLg,' the feature is expected to make WSL popular and more reliable for creating a Linux environment within a Windows 10 OS installation. Step 2: In this step, we will install a Linux distribution of our choice. Linux GUI apps can now run on Windows 10 using WSL. "Soon you'll be able to use your favorite Linux IDE or other GUI application alongside. 1 also fall into this category, as they can shar. 412K subscribers in the Windows10 community. Users also can use WSLg to run any GUI app that might exist only in Linux or o test GUI apps in a Linux environment. g say I want konsole (the linux kde konsole) I've made a short cut Now I simply from Windows desktop run it with no further ado. Run the commands below, using PowerShell on Admin mode: WSL Linux GUI Optional. "You can now use GUI app support on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)," Microsoft announced this week, "so that all the tools and workflows . Update the APT cache and upgrade all the packages. wsl --shutdown Open WSL again and you will now be ready to run graphical Linux apps on Windows. 3- Right-click on the Visual Basic script file in the windows file explorer and select the create shortcut menu then rename this shortcut to everything you want (for. /dev/dxg exposes a set of IOCTL that closely mimic the native WDDM D3DKMT kernel service layer on Windows. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. wslconfig" -Value @" [wsl2] guiApplications=false "@ The WSL IP changes on every reboot, which makes the. Gnome or KDE) on WSL 2 distribution (e. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. You must consider the differences to access networking apps running on Windows and on Linux:. Open 'Turn Windows Features on or off. If you happen to be a member of the Windows Insider program, you might have the wlsg Preview, and not even know it, messing with the DISPLAY and other things. The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will gain finally gain GUI support, Microsoft said at Build 2020. At this year's BUILD conference (temporarily transformed into a virtual event, thanks to COVID-19), Microsoft revealed that it's adding Linux GUI support to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), the compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables on Windows 10 and Windows Server. Step 1: Checking the run Linux GUI apps compatibility on Windows 10. Microsoft has just put out a preview of a new Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature that enables users to run graphical Linux apps seamlessly on Windows 10 desktop. After that go back to the Ubuntu WSL app, type wget and paste the link, for example:. Make sure the latest GPU drivers are installed from the GPU manufacturer. WSL users can now run graphical Linux apps as well as standard command-line programs. This feature is expected to help developers build cross-platform applications. " Bleeping Computer has already tested it running Gnome's file manager Nautilus. For this guide, I'm assuming you're using Ubuntu 18. Dummies way of running WSL2 GUI apps from Windows desktop. The company is announcing two major new features, including the ability to run Linux GUI apps. Using RDP, Step 6: Connect to Kali using the link below.